10 Fun Things To Do On A Mexico Cruise

Going on a cruise ship is more about the traveling bit itself than it is about the destination. When choosing the best cruise to go on, you should always factor in one that has the best scenic route that will keep you on the deck throughout the trip. One such cruise is the Mexican Riviera, which traverses the Mexican Pacific Coast from Cabo San Lucas to Acapulco. If you are curious about what fun things you can do on this iconic trip, this article is for you. Here are ten things you must try out next time you go on the Mexican Riviera cruise.

1. Watch The Sceneries On Deck

Starting the cruise with fun activities is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you have the most fun at it. One of the most exhilarating experiences when going on a Mexican Riviera cruise involves simply sitting on the deck and watching the waves hit the ship as you look into the starry skies and the sandy beaches. If you are wondering what to see on a Mexico cruise, especially in the preliminary phases of the cruise, some things you can look at include dolphins and other marine life and the vast expanse. 

2. Try Out The Local Cuisine

As you probably know from your experience trying out Mexican foods such as tacos, Mexicans have a rich culinary culture. There are a wide variety of things you can try out when exploring local Mexican cuisine during your cruise. Examples include quesadillas, nachos, empanadas, and yes, tacos. While you most likely have tried these foods during your stay in America, nothing compares to the authentic experience of trying Mexican foods in Mexico. You can also pick up some culinary tips to take back home from the experts of Mexican food, the Mexican themselves.

3. Visit The Local Old Towns

When going on a Mexican cruise, visiting some of the old towns in the region can be an exciting way to spend your time. These old towns have very interesting sceneries with a rich history that you would be interested in learning about. For instance, the Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción in Mazatlán Is an old cathedral built in the baroque style. If old architecture interests you, this will be a fun activity to try out. The Spanish fortress of San Diego in Acapulco is yet another old historic site that has become a tourist attraction. Make sure you try it out the next time you are on your Spanish Riviera cruise.

Visit The Local Old Towns
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4. Try The Tequila Trip

Nothing defines Mexican culture like Mexican tequila. Mexican tequila is such an illustrative attribute of Mexican culture that you cannot miss going on a Tequila tasting trip when on the cruise. Try out different tequila flavors, making certain to ask all the questions you would need to know about the distillery processes and taste varieties. You can also try some iconic tequila cocktails to expand your palate. This experience is restricted to persons over 21 years, the legal drinking age in the US. 

5. Relax On The Beaches

Going on a cruise will not be worthwhile if you don’t take time to relax and stretch out your legs on the sandy beaches. The Mexican Riviera cruise has some of the best beaches you are likely to encounter on any cruise across the globe. One of the best beaches with soft white sand and crystal-clear water is the Playa Miramar in Colima. If you are feeling adventurous, this white beach is perfect for various activities, including sunbathing, swimming, or skinny dipping. Remember to carry your camera to capture some of the memories you might experience while on this exhilarating beach.

Relax On The Beaches
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6. The Wild Canyon EkoPark

If you enjoy the outdoors vibe, Wild Canyon EkoPark will be a fun place to go on the Mexican Riviera cruise. The park is an excellent place to try out activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, and ATV riding at affordable rates. If you are not one to enjoy extreme sports, you can also take time to explore the geographic features of the park, including the rocks, plants, and volcanic soils around.

7. Botanical Experience

The Mexican Riviera cruise allows you to explore the Mexican flora. Various botanical gardens are close to the routes the cruise takes. However, the most popular one is the Vallarta Botanical Garden in Puerto Vallarta. The garden has access to exotic plants you have never seen before. Look out for macaws and other exotic birds flying above you in the garden.

8. Swim With The Dolphins

If you are up for it, you also have a great opportunity for snorkeling and swimming with the aquatic life on the Mexican shores. The Mazatlán aquarium is a nice place for you to try this out. If you are uncomfortable getting into the water, you can also observe the dolphins, sharks, and eels, among other 200 species of fish, from a distance.

Swim With The Dolphins
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9. Visit Wildlife Sanctuaries

The wildlife sanctuaries across the Mexican Riviera cruise are a nice place to have a safari away from the African grasslands. You can try the Cabo San Lucas wildlife safari across the Sierra mountains to view Mexico’s various animals. If you want to experience the true wildlife thrill, consider viewing the wildlife atop a camel instead of a safari vehicle.

10. Check Out The Museum

Finally, if you enjoy the rich Mexican history, consider visiting the Museo de Historia de Ensenada on the Mexican Riviera cruise. The museum has access to numerous artifacts that display the historical Spanish conquest of Mexico and the traditions of the indigenous Mexican people. The museum will expose you to a new understanding of the Mexican people you have never experienced. Do not forget to buy a few souvenirs to remind you of the trip.

Last Words

Many people on the Mexican Riviera cruise hardly ever know what to explore besides the ordinary beaches and aquatic life. Hopefully, this article has exposed you to many interesting things you can try out the next time you go on the Mexican Riviera cruise. Considering how memorable this trip is likely to be, remember to carry a camera to take photos of the various experiences you have and gloat to your friends. Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words.

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