Why should video production be a priority in your marketing strategies?

As far as business marketing is concerned, people only expect quality. Qualitative work in the field of online marketing is the one thing people desire when they switch on their devices. Today, conventional advertising is no longer the only thing that works to your benefit. It might still sound great but is not sufficient. Conveying your ideas, your dreams, and your visions through digital marketing is an important aspect of business marketing. This, of course, becomes extremely difficult when old-age advertising methods come in the way. Now, since communicating your ideas to the world is the key factor here, what better way to do it than videos? Having a successful marketing campaign can be difficult these days. Due to the amount of content on the internet, you have to make sure to make a difference. For instance, if you hire a video marketing agency, they will help you put together your ideas and give you a creative and innovative final result

Augmented digital growth paving way for video production and marketing 

The rise of social media has brought in multiple shifts in the professional spectrum all across the globe today. Video production and marketing is one of the major shifts that has been brought about because of the same. In fact, video marketing is one of the major ways today to sell anything and everything, no matter how tangible or intangible products are. To cut down on your video production and editing task you can take advantage of an online video editor to make thing easy and affordable for your team.

The growth of screens is one of the major reasons behind the same. Today, an average person possesses about two screens, at least. This way, video production, and marketing is the one thing that is not going to leave us anytime soon. This is in fact just the beginning. The way the digital world has been growing, it is only going to get bigger and better from here. 

The “phase out” people are witnessing today is yet another factor that has been augmenting the growth of videos and digital marketing. People are shifting their investments from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile screens, which makes it comfortable for people to view your video content on the go! 

Major reason behind this “phase out”? 


Mobiles and tablets are cheaper than ever, which is of course, directly proportional to the time people are spending on these devices. People are taking in more and more content through their eyes and ears, rather than merely glancing and reading. An average person is spending the majority of their hours glued to their mobile devices. From infants to adults, everyone is spending the majority of their time, consuming what your videos have to offer. 

This growth in the digital world is just half of what we see currently. The other half is yet to come! 

Corporates today are finding newer and more innovative ways to market themselves. They are finding quirkier ways to attract a new audience base every single day. What was untapped a few years prior to today, is being tapped as a major growth opportunity in the form of video production. It is, therefore, truly a rockstar! 

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Video marketing gets you more web traffic

A great video produced and marketed well enough gets you a major chunk of traffic! 

Well, it has been a well-established fact that the videos are today an indispensable part of the corporate world today. Videos are offering corporates opportunities to reach relishing heights every single day. Corporates are not just directly engaging with the masses through videos but are establishing new relationships with them. 

However, what are the corporates getting in return? 

They are getting consumer engagement. They are getting web traffic. 

Have a look at these three facts: 

  • One out of every three internet users today is watching a video on their devices on a daily basis. 
  • There are over 500 million hours of videos being watched daily, all around the world. 
  • In just the US alone, approximately 70 million people are consuming video content daily. 

This, of course, offers your brand a chance to become the next best thing; or what is known to be today the next viral sensation! 

You can become a viral sensation by investing in video production and marketing the right way. Video content marketing offers you a 1200 percent chance of growth in comparison to the textual and other marketing counterparts. 

In fact, your organic traffic growth increases by over 150% just by video production and marketing alone. 

No matter what someone else tells you, these figures are too important to be missed out on. Your traffic, your popularity, your brand value, your growth, along with your revenues, everything increases manifolds all with the help of videos produced in the right way and marketed well. 

Humans crave interaction 

All the web traffic, all this growth, all this boom in video production and marketing, where is all this coming from? 


Humans are social animals. They crave interactions. They are visual creatures. 

This is the basis of the success video production and marketing has been witnessing of late. 

Owing to their visual beings, corporates and individuals are becoming viral sensations every day. 

They cannot help but become drawn to moving images, characters, animations, and stories. People can simply spend hours watching a dog being a good boy and not be bored with it. These videos, in fact, do put a major impact on their senses, which renders them nothing but being drawn towards it even more. The impact that videos put on us cannot be delivered to us through textual content or other conventional means. 

Explaining new concepts, ideas, and spreading visions through videos enhances the chance of people understanding your brand better. It gives people a better perspective about you. 

Videos bring life to your brand ideals, which written content can never do. 

Video-based content is, therefore, a great combination of entertainment and business. It is a sure-shot way to realize your business goals. 

In fact, video-based content is the ultimate way to influence even the laziest of your consumers. Owing to the hectic lifestyles people are living today, videos bring in a breath of fresh air into their lives. Nobody has the time to read lengthy articles and descriptions of your products. It is the one way to connect with the millennial, modern generation that craves newness in their lives. Moreover, in the long run, it becomes the best way to influence their investing and purchasing decisions. 

There is not a single doubt that states otherwise that video marketing is the leading driving force of every modern marketing strategy today. 

SEO strategies are sorted with video production 

Creating viral video content and promoting it is a strategic way to kickstart your business ventures. The struggles that new businesses witness go away with a rightly produced video. 

Even video production has witnessed its share of struggles in terms of growth and popularity, but the optimal results it has generated all across the globe, it has managed to pave the way for itself in this competitive environment. The major struggles of ensuring the video content reach the right people has now been resolved and has thus brought in a revolution in the digital marketing arena. 

Videos today have managed to bridge the gaps that conventional marketing means could not. In fact, it has magnified the results in a much better way for both corporates and individuals alike. 

Incorporating video production and marketing into your SEO strategies enhanced your brand value, your website and page rankings across the globe. 

Qualitative videos generate you more and more recognition on search engine result pages. 


Because Google values video content as well. 

Google offers your business the opportunity to be seen by millions, owing to its friendly algorithms and indexing prowess. If you do it right, Google backs you up and gives you a fair recognition on its SERPs. 

More and more people prefer your brand if they have seen your brand’s videos. 

This happens because of the detail and connectivity that videos offer. Videos explain your products and services like nothing else. Over 50% of businesses today have promotional and explainer videos right on their official websites which influences consumer engagements. Of these 50% businesses, over 85% claim that placing such videos on their official websites have brought in tremendously effective results. 

You do not require a major budget! 

Video production and marketing can be done right from the comforts of your home. You do not require a major budget for the results it has to offer. It is no longer about the intangible popularity anymore. It offers you quantifiable results. The financial payoff that video production and marketing offers is much larger, in comparison to the investment that is supposed to be put in. 

Your sales increase manifolds, allowing to qualitative video production and marketing strategy. 

The premise of this lies in not worrying about financial allocations but worrying about the idea that could change your life

Ideas and technology go hand in hand. 

Possessing a single device like a smartphone could the first step you would want to take. The rest becomes sorted as you progress. Though online videos are expected to be perfect, but producing a video that is imperfect with a deeper agenda is the one thing you should be looking forward to. You can easily get major returns by investing time, smallest budget and your energy into selling your products. Producing a decent video that is interesting is what you should be looking forward to, rather than being worried about budget allocations. 

Though video production is not a fairly new concept, it has managed to change the world, one step at a time. Video production is the ultimate revolution the world is witnessing today. The concept has been followed into this decade with the invention of television. Video production guarantees you benefits, to help grow your business. The concept is not displaying any signs of stoppages or slowdowns. It is here to stay. 

Therefore, if you still haven’t managed to engage your business goals with video production goals, it is the best time to do so! 

How can you do it? 

Rely on the prowess GSE AV brings to you.

Modern businesses like yours might have the ideas, the budgets and the capabilities to do what is required, but there might be a lack in terms of skills. Garnering attention from the masses does require the right amount of skills, which GSE AV can offer you. 

GSE AV collaborates with you to produce videos that are eye-catching and offer you a new perspective to help you reach new heights of success. 

One of the major advantages you gain by collaborating with GSE AV is that the team of experts will ensure you have everything to have a major impact over the masses. Professionals at GSE AV are going to be your biggest supporters, for all of your marketing and organizational goal needs. 

Stand out from your competitors, showcase your talent, enhance your brand image, and retain more and more visitors. Earn credible clients and paying customers with GSE AV. 

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