What to Do at a Sleepover Party to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Sleepovers are a fun and exciting way for kids to spend time with their friends, but as a parent, it can be challenging to come up with activities to keep them entertained throughout the night. Here are some ideas to make sure your child’s sleepover party is a hit.

1) Movie Night

One of the classic sleepover activities, setting up a movie night is a great way to keep kids entertained. Choose a few age-appropriate movies and set up a cozy spot for the kids to watch them. You can even make it a themed movie night, like a Harry Potter marathon or a Disney movie night.

2) DIY Crafts

Another great way to keep kids entertained is by setting up a craft station. You can provide materials such as construction paper, glue, glitter, and markers for the kids to create their own masterpieces. Some craft ideas include making friendship bracelets, creating homemade pizzas, or decorating picture frames.

3) Cooking and Baking

Did you know that 93% of kids have a better appreciation for healthy food after cooking with their parents? Getting them interested and more involved in cooking early will have positive consequences later on in life. Children love to cook and bake, and it’s an excellent way to keep them busy and entertained. You can set up a mini-kitchen area and have the kids help you make snacks like popcorn, cookies, or pizza. This can be a fun and educational activity for kids to learn how to cook and bake.

4) Dance Party

Kids love to dance and have fun, so why not set up a dance party for them? You can put on some upbeat music, and let the kids have a blast dancing the night away. You can also make it a themed dance party, like a disco night or a karaoke party. The best part is that you have plenty of options for party customization. Depending on what the kids like you can paint their faces and give them neat costumes. If you really want your kid to stand out and impress others, you can let Creative Faces do the face painting for you. 

5) Spa Night

A spa night is a great way to relax and rest after a long day of activities. You can set up a DIY spa station with face masks, nail polish, and other beauty treatments for the kids to enjoy.

6) Outdoor Activities

If the weather is nice, take the kids outside for some fun activities. You can set up a tent in the backyard and have a camping sleepover, or have a bonfire and make smores. You can also play classic outdoor games like tag or hide and seek.

7) Organize a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt presents a great way to keep kids entertained and active. You can create an item list for the kids to find, such as a specific type of leaf, a toy, or a specific colored object. The first team to find all the items on the list wins a prize.

8) Pillow Fort Building

A pillow fort is a classic sleepover activity, and kids will love building their own. You can provide blankets, pillows, and string lights, and let the kids use their imagination to create their own fort. Once they are done, they can hang out and have a snack inside their fort.

9) Games

Sleepovers are a great opportunity for kids to bond and have fun, and games are a great way to do that. You can set up a board game station or have a video game tournament. Classic sleepover games like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, and Two Truths and a Lie are also great options.

10) Cooking Competition

A cooking competition is a fun and engaging way for kids to bond and have fun. You can provide ingredients, and divide the kids into teams. The teams must then come up with a dish to make and present it to a panel of judges. The team with the best dish wins a prize.

11) DIY Jewelry

Jewelry-making is a fun and creative activity that kids will enjoy. You can provide beads, wire, and other materials for the kids to make their own bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. This activity is also a great way for kids to learn about different types of jewelry and how to make them.

All in all, sleepovers are a great way for kids to spend time with their friends and make lasting memories. By providing a variety of activities, you can keep your child’s sleepover party entertaining and engaging. From movie nights and craft activities to outdoor games and spa nights, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With a little planning and creativity, you can make your child’s sleepover party one to remember.

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