Top Outdoor Activities for Improving Mental And Physical Health

There are so many different reasons people choose to exercise, but one thing that is in common with all of them is that it is good for your health. Scientists have proven that being physically active has a big and positive impact on not only your heart but reducing the risks of stroke and diabetes as well as improving mental health. While there will always be benefits when you are working out, different types of activities will have an impact on your body differently. 

Clam You Mind And Body By Doing Yoga

As most know, yoga is a traditional Indian philosophy that goes all the way back over 2000 years, it combines your body and mind. But in the Western world, it has started gaining popularity just recently, especially in complementary health approaches. Yoga is based on the use of rhythmic breathing, meditation and physical posture in hopes of achieving an exceptional holistic experience for both the body and mind. One of the main goals of yoga is that you gain control of your mind and get rid of all the negative energy. Because it has shown that it has so many benefits, neuroscientists have taken a particular interest in providing us with the scientific evidence of its benefits so everyone can understand. There have been various studies that have proven that there are positive effects of yoga on your mental health. They have found that they relieve stress symptoms, depression as well as any. One study examined how yoga affects patients suffering from cancer. They have confirmed that yoga does have a positive effect on stress, depression, anxiety as well as the overall psychological health of them. Other studies have proven that doing yoga can improve the speed of processing information, attention and executive functions. That is because the physical activities applied in yoga lets you take control of your body which will make you feel secure and relaxed. Once you have that peace, the meditation and breathing exercises will help you gain awareness and control of your body and mind along with all the sensations. When you combine meditation with breathing exercises you are helping yourself focus on your mind creating tranquility and self-awareness. Studies have shown that when you are doing yoga exercises outside, at least once a week will have the same effect on your brain as taking a nice vacation. Even though yoga is good for you, travelling is an amazing way to help out your mental health. 

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Have Fun Swimming

What a lot of people don’t realise is just how much swimming can help people that are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. That is because exercises such as swimming are known for having a really positive impact on your brain functions and it helps repair neurons that are located in the hypothalamus. Neutrons are constantly being lost and damaged due to age, stress or substance abuse. There are studies that have proven that swimming promotes hippocampal neurogenesis which is known for reversing neuron damage by replacing the lost ones. Besides that, swimming will increase the production of endorphins which will improve your mood. And the most obvious one, swimming will help you build muscle and become a healthier person overall. 

Go on A Cycling Adventure

Cycling is easily one of the best outdoor activities you can choose to do. It will not only help you build endurance and will still also help you mentally. Setting a start and end goal is the thing that helps your brain be more concentrated and work better. There have been many types of research that have found that adding cycling to your daily routine helps your brain grow the same way it helps grow your muscles. Just 30 minutes of cycling outdoors will help you improve your planning, memory retention and reasoning. Working similarly to yoga, it can help reduce depression as well as anxiety. Cycling will increase your blood flow, which will allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach your brain. The extra oxygen will increase the production of your brain cells in the grey matter which will increase your brain’s capacity to repair itself. Cycling is believed to be capable of even tripling the neurons in your brain and increasing the combination between the pathways importing the cognitive function. But just like with any other outdoor sport you have to make sure that you are safe, always have safety equipment like mountain bike helmets as well as proper shoes. 

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Try Out Paddling

If you are someone who enjoys water, but swimming is just not for you, try out paddling. It is one of the best things you can do that will improve your mental health as well as provide physical activity. Paddling will work your upper body muscles and increase the strength in your shoulders, arms and chest. Because paddling is a low-impact sport there are smeller risks of injuries and strains which is great for someone who is just starting out. Paddling will elevate your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health. But it has mental benefits also. As we all know, water has a camping effect on the brain, therefore it will reduce the stress and anxiety levels. 

Explore The Nature While Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways you can incorporate working on both physical and mental health. Amongst all the things because hiking is healthy, walking around in nature is a wonderful and relaxing experience. It is one of the best ways you can burn some calories without even noticing it because you will be too busy soaking all the views and listening to relaxing noises. Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities for people who struggle with mental health. When you are exposing yourself to nature you are creating a connection with the outside and your body, which will calm your mind and work your body.  Being able to hike and explore your surroundings is really beneficial for your well-being. It is great because you are the one setting the pace for yourself while getting in a good workout. 

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Test Your Luck Mountain Climbing

If you are someone who likes extreme sports and feeds on adrenaline, there is nothing better that you can choose to do than mountain climbing. But when you are mountain climbing, make sure that you take the safe route and that you are always equipped with accessories for an outdoor adventure. Once you are doing your best to stay safe, mountain climbing comes with so many amazing mental and physical benefits. It will make you mentally strong and well-balanced. Even though you are climbing you have to focus on the climbing itself, it will help your mind get relaxed and your body get stronger. 

As most of us are aware, physical exercises improve cardiovascular health, mental as well as physical. But when it comes to types of activities we have listed above; they are especially good because they have a better impact on the brain. These sports activities will increase the oxygen flow in your brain, making it healthier as well as improving your physical health at the same time. But the most important thing is that you are kind to yourself, even though you should always do your best don’t push yourself too hard. Hurting yourself will discourage you and it can trigger self-critical thoughts which will make everything much harder. 

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