What Are The Types of Digital Marketing?

The new age of information revolution is here, and businesses are taking full advantage. Although traditional forms of advertising such as road signs, coupons, and print advertisements remain relevant, businesses can cover more ground by exploiting cost-effective and measurable online marketing.

Digital marketing provides an opportunity for businesses to interact with prospects and learn from them, access global audiences, save money, track audiences, and achieve better market understanding. The Internet marketing firm, Boomcycle Digital Marketing, is focused on providing cutting-edge solutions in areas such as Strategy, PPC, SEO, and SMM for national, regional, and local businesses keen on exploring B2B markets. The San Ramon, CA-based firm doubles up as a web design and advertising agency. Growing focus on online marketing is critical because many customers, competitors are online. Here are the types of digital marketing options you need to know about:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective digital marketing used by businesses to optimize their presence on search engines. The strategy can help move your business up the search engine results page, where the business will enjoy greater visibility. The effectiveness of SEO stems from studies that show very few people bother about scrolling to the second page of the search results when searching for products or services.

For positive lasting results, take time to perform thorough keyword research and ranking analysis on sites like Google and Bing. A digital marketing company will help optimize your website and content to make it search engine friendly. The digital marketing team will also build quality links leading to and from your website to enhance crawling. Search engine bots or crawlers often scour through websites, collecting data and performing indexing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a simple yet powerful strategy of creating enriching, valuable and engaging content for your website. The content aims to boost customer experience to grow leads and ultimately make conversions. Companies, both large and small, know the value of content marketing, as evident in the growing number of blogs and promotional videos. One sound strategy is posting captivating information about the business or industry. If prospects find the information useful, they are likely to share it, which will help drive traffic. 

Content marketing can also help a business build a loyal consumer base. For long-term success, businesses should consider co-opting content marketing as an investment that needs constant refreshing. Remember to make changes that promise to yield results and ensure the content marketing team is up to the task in terms of knowledge and skills.


Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a search engine-based advertising method. Using the PPC strategy, a business can move search engine results on top of the page through paid means. When a business places an advert, Google will charge the ad account every time someone clicks on the ad. The pricing of each ad depends on a variety of factors, including website quality score and apportioned keyword competition.

For businesses looking for quick marketing and advertising results, PPC campaigns can provide a much-needed short-term solution for boosting company revenues. Some of the campaigns that you can channel through the media include product shifts and seasonal deals. With the right skills, businesses can use tools like Google Ad Words to appropriate effective keywords in their campaigns.


Creating a strategy to grow traffic to your website is hard work that demands serious thinking and commitment. SEM, a short form of Search Engine Marketing, is a powerful strategy that features PPC and SEO components. Whereas SEO is focused on growing traffic through unpaid or organic means, PPC is a paid advertising strategy. Keywords are a critical cog in any successful SEM strategy. The process begins with identifying keywords relevant to your business. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner in your targeting strategy. When analyzing the keyword, find those that are likely to be used by prospects.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing exploits ever-growing platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram to reach a wider audience. Businesses focused on visuals may find Instagram a perfect marketing medium to use, while those focused on B2B will find LinkedIn an ideal option. Facebook is highly effective for all kinds of business.

Note a sound social media marketing strategy to attract more customers with campaigns and targeted ads. Facebook business users can take advantage of the resources provided by the site to market various products. The site collects crucial information and leads through likes and interest and individual aspects like age, which are very incisive in targeted advertising.

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