5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Whether it is your first time selling your home or you are preparing to sell your third property, there are new tricks to learn about how to get your home ready for sale.

You see, selling a home is much more than mounting a ‘for sale’ sign on the front lawn or sharing a couple of random, unplanned photos on property sites.

To sell your home faster and possibly receive the most cash for your investment, you have to do the following:

First impression

Try making a smashing first impression on potential buyers. A very impressed buyer is half-way down the line to sign the contract.

And, which section of your home do buyers see first? The exterior.

You see, while one is often advised not to judge a book by its cover, home buyers automatically make a snap judgment based on what they see from the street.

So, you might as well boost the curb appeal to present shiny, well-taken care of, the impression of your home. Think of planting colorful plants and nicely pruning your front yard plants.

Deep wash the walkway, repair broken sections of the fence (if any) and ensure the lawn is finely manicured.

Declutter living spaces

Living spaces

No buyer wants to see a cluttered space packed full of your belongings, even if you think, they will find them appealing.

Declutter your home and create a sense of spaciousness that makes buyers feel they can move in right away and make the space theirs. Stow away those memorabilia that reminds you of your trip to Bali last summer.

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The fewer items you have in the house, the bigger and cleaner it will look. Instead of packing everything in a box and stacking it in the garage, think of renting outside storage. 

While this option may not be the most convenient and incurs a cost, remember the goal is to present your home in the best possible light.

Deep clean inside and out

Carpet Cleaners

This is not your every day, regular cleaning. 

Keep in mind that most buyers commit to a home because of the look and quality of the seller’s floors. Worn out and stained, carpets are a huge turnoff. 

Consider bringing using experienced carpet cleaning professionals to deep clean the carpet or rent a carpet-cleaning machine to do it yourself.

Bad odor or musty air is a definite turnoff, but with the best odor-eliminator products, it will help you get rid of the foul smell in your home. If you keep pets, be sure to keep them away from your home a day before a showing. Air your space and get rid of pet odour.

Finally, wash the window sills and panes inside and out. Scrub down showers and sinks, polish kitchen tabletops: clean and dust ceiling fan blades and light fixtures. 

Take your time to go through each part of your home one at a time and carefully wash and polish every surface to ensure a clean look.

Upgrade on some items

Due to wear and tear some items may need replacing. Before upgrading, be sure to consider the cost of the upgrade with the current market value of your property

You want to recoup any investment you make. Upgrading the kitchen and bath has the highest return on investment.

Also, smaller upgrades like changing light fixtures, replacing faucets are quick changes you can make which do not cost much but go a long way in boosting the perceived value of your home.

 Apply a fresh lick of paint

You may not realise just how much good a fresh lick of paint can do to your home when selling.

Remember you want to present your home as well-taken care of and in good shape. A fresh lick of paint can brighten and bring new life to your home.

It is worth putting in a bit of effort to ensure you get the best possible price for the home you are selling.

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