How To Make Your Home Feel Like A 5-star Hotel Vacation During Quarantine

If all your travel plans have been canceled because of a pandemic, you might crave the change of scenery stronger than the rest of us. If that is the case, you can bring the vacation vibes into your home. You can act as if your lovely home is actually a five-star hotel. Vacationing at home for the weekend can lift your mood and feed your wanderlust during the pandemic.

Keep everything spotless

The first thing we notice when we enter a hotel room is whether it’s clean and tidy. They’re always clean, tidy and spotless.  So, the first step to making your home feel like a hotel is to clean it more frequently than usual. If you’ve been cleaning your place twice a week, try adding one more cleaning routine to your schedule. Make sure you change the sheets frequently, every two days for the best hotel experience. Make your bed every morning and even put a chocolate mint on the pillow. 

Give your home a vacation vibe

home with vacation vibe

Depending on the type of vacation vibe you wish to recreate at your home, get yourself some new scented candles. If you’re in the mood for a summer vacation and you wish to feel like you’re staying at a beach resort, pick a lemon-scented candle or something floral or sweet as vanilla. Arrange these candles in your living room, bedroom and the bathroom in order to brighten your days during your “hotel” stay. You can also diffuse the essential oils and achieve the same soothing effect.

Splurge yourself with a meal in bed

After some time spent on cooking every day, you’re probably craving some time off from the kitchen. Breakfasts in bed and room service are just some of the typical hotel services people experience during their travels. You can do the same and indulge yourself for a day or two. You and your partner can take turns in reenacting room service. Each day you’ll take turns preparing and deliver breakfast in bed. You can also have some food delivered to your doorstep and act like you’ve ordered room service.

Create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom

best atmosphere in the bedroom

Sleeping longer than usual and not waking up to the sound of the alarm is a typical vacation activity. Even though by staying in we’re keeping ourselves safe, we still have a lot of stress. That’s another reason to sleep late and eat breakfast in bed. If you want to catch on some zzz’s just like you would at a hotel, you’ll have to control the amount of daylight in the morning. Blockout roller blinds are a typical hotel feature because these ensure both privacy and a good night’s sleep. By upgrading your window treatments you’ll improve your sleep quality and control the amount of light with ease. You can also maintain proper room temperature to get an awesome night’s sleep, use thermometers to check the room temperature.

Have everything you need for a spa experience

Just like sleeping in is a typical activity during a hotel stay, going to a spa is also one of those activities you never skip on. This is especially true if you’re staying at a hotel that has its own spa services like sauna, pool, massage or other luxury treats. But, you can recreate the same thing at home with ease. First, you can update your towel collection and get yourself a new, comfy and fluffy bathrobe. Run yourself a bubble bath, take your time to relax and enjoy this act of self-care. After your bath, use some luxurious body oil and massage it gently into the skin with a hand massager. This won’t feel like a regular massage but it will nonetheless feel great. Wrap yourself in your new and fluffy wardrobe and lounge in it the entire day.

Add some art

You’ve probably been to at least one hotel with some amazing art pieces. Large paintings are typically placed above a headboard and they make the room look colorful and vivid. If you’ve been looking for a way to express your creativity, you can turn to paint and make your own art. You can also invest in some artwork and give your space its unique personality. Whatever you choose to do, pieces of art will create that hotel vibe within your home for the time being. But, when you’re not vacationing at home, but simply living, the artwork will beautify your place. 

Once you set everything up, get stocked on all the essentials, and recreate the hotel vibe within your home, pick the dates for this experience. Remember to have fun along the way and enjoy vacationing in your home.

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