Factors to Consider Before Selling Your Property

When selling a property, you can’t go in without a plan. There are a few key factors that you have to consider in order to make a proper sale. Selling a property is infinitely more complex than selling an item or vehicle. You have to have a clear strategy and adhere to it throughout the process. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider before making your sale.

Make sure you’re certain

Selling a property is a very big decision. It’s not something you should do lightly. If it’s your primary property, you have to take a few things into consideration. Where will you live? Would the sale be finished before or after you’ve found another location? These are all crucial questions to ask yourself before you can say you’re truly certain.

There’s also the element of sentimentality. Making a sale and getting a significant sum of money won’t mean much if you miss your home. This is less of an issue if it’s not your only property, but it’s still important. Also, make sure you get a great price for your home. Your agent should stay on top of all the latest prices in real estate so that you don’t get less money than the home is worth. 

Get the right certificates

When you own a property, it’s inevitable that you will make adjustments to it. Adding new elements helps increase the price of the home while providing you with some extra comfort. Take swimming pools for example. They’re a very attractive find for people who are looking to buy a property. However, these elements need to be registered and given the right certification before you can sell the property

Certificates of compliance and non-compliances are very important for home sales. Contact your local council and see if your swimming pool or spa adhere to regulations. In most cases, they will, but the document still needs to be issued before you make a sale.

Craft a contract

contract for selling house

Once the buyer is ready to purchase your home, you need to create a contract. Without a well-constructed contract, you can’t really sell your home. Make sure everything in the paperwork is as it should be so that you can avoid legal issues with the sale.

Before you even think about crafting the contract, contact a solicitor. They are absolutely essential mediators for a home sale and purchase. They can survey the process and give you all the information you need to make a proper sale. Don’t just get any solicitor, though. Find someone from a reliable and respected firm like Leyden Legal to help you with the task. This should help you avoid mistakes and scams and make your contract iron clad.

Pick an adequate price

Buyers have access to a wealth of information about your home online. Even if you didn’t have a listing for the home, buyers will strive to find out everything they can about your home. This will help them understand roughly how much it’s worth. 

Figuring out an adequate price for your home is difficult, especially if you don’t know all the variables. This is where your agent comes in. They can give you a rough estimate of how much your home is worth. This helps craft a good price that won’t leave the home sitting on the market for years.

Planning an Exit Strategy

Property investment is a typically long-term venture, and so if you have plans to sell your property in future then it’s important to have a thought-out and structured exit strategy in place.

RWinvest state in their tips for property investment ventures that having an awareness of capital appreciation and surrounding area growth will help to ensure that when selling your property you can secure as much of a return on investment on possible. Of course, you may have a variety of different reasons for deciding to sell your property, with varying degrees of urgency, but keeping exit strategy factors will help to secure a better result when the time comes.


It’s hard to understate how important it is to prepare before selling a property. There are many things that could go wrong and leave you with empty hands. If you intend to sell your home, make sure that you have all your bases covered first.

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