4 Ways Employers Can Prevent Fatigue In the Workplace

Being an employer should be seen as an example of saying that with great power comes great responsibility. Not only you are in charge of business matters, but of people as well, in terms of creating a safe and productive work environment. For this reason, the recommended approach should focus on both the physical and mental health of the company’s employees. Only in such an environment can everyone thrive and use their full potential. Which is mutually beneficial for employers and employees. Our busy, digital and fast-paced lifestyles are causing more and more stress and mental exhaustion on a daily basis. This is the main reason every employer and the company’s HR department should try to deal with the common problem of fatigue in the workplace.

Impact on the workflow

Whatever the reason behind the fatigue was, the direct impact on the workflow will be noticed. Some of the main areas affected are concentration and coordination of people and depending on the type of business, the consequences can be severe. Some of the most extreme examples are a comma in the wrong place of a financial report for the lack of concentration, or property damage in the warehouse for the lack of proper coordination. In the latter, it is especially dangerous if a person in question is handling any machinery.

Even in cases when the damage is subtler and can’t be seen. An employer should notice any changes in the productivity and morale of staff members. Some professions are by their very nature more problematic regarding fatigue and further combating it. Such as any work at heights, including vehicles, hazardous substances, etc. In such instances, a person is not only likely to be hurt, but also to endanger others. Preventive measures ought to be implemented through the work of a human resource department, and several variables should be constantly monitored for the comparison charts.

Consultations and evaluations

As in many other aspects of functioning, communication is the key. People need to feel safe to talk about what drains their energy without fear of getting fired for it. Perhaps the problem is of personal nature, but it may also be work-related. Such as taking more shifts or hours than they should, and as an employer, you should put a stop to it. Additionally, it is completely understandable in this economy to have more jobs. But if you notice that a worker is not performing well, you should immediately react. A limit of working hours should be set, and it must be required of employees to report any other jobs and their working hours per week in total. It’s highly recommended to find a system for evaluation of productivity and do it on a weekly basis.

Workplace table

Providing rest zones and special company offers

To assess the drawbacks of fatigue, a company needs to emphasize the importance of sleep and rest habits by offering educational materials. There are various options to promote these values, and one of the most important ones is providing certain areas for rest. Employers should encourage small breaks during one shift, and accordingly have a designated space for rest. Such spaces should be free of any screens, have comfortable furniture, a water-cooler, a lot of plants and if an option, natural light. Furthermore, the promotion of health, in general, can be empowered through light exercise areas, table tennis for example. And it’s always a good thing to provide healthy snacks such as apples in the dining room.

For workplaces dealing with manufacturing or retail, where people are spending most of their time standing Investing in a durable anti fatigue mat should be obligatory. Other amazing ways would include a company signing a deal with manufacturers of “tools” for boosting the quality of sleep. So the employees have discount prices and an option for paying in instalments. We are talking about affordable solutions for purchasing anatomic pillows or mattresses, for example.


Addressing these issues will show your employees that you care about their mindsets and health, and further that you understand their position. We are all tired sometimes, and it is a perfectly common thing. But fatigue is a more complex concept, which needs to be taken seriously. Getting feedback on the organizational aspect of shifts and working conditions will help you develop a unique strategy specifically for your company. If you treat people as assets, the results will be noticeable, for sure. Start by implementing the above-mentioned techniques, and expand on those for the best results.

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