USB hub: how to increase the number of USB sockets on your PC?

The USB hub with long cord makes it possible to interconnect several peripherals to a computer by connecting them to the PC by a computer box called a hub. The hub box is connected to the PC by a USB port. It is made up of several USB ports on which the user connects his peripherals.

USB hubs are now suitable for all computer uses and are available in different models such as powered USB hubs, HDMI USB hubs, or USB Ethernet hubs.

Whether you are a fan of desktops or laptops or you sometimes work on a tablet, you will no doubt find, in a USB hub, the external power supply you need for all your peripherals.

Why buy a USB hub in computing?

Today’s computers can accommodate many peripherals: printer, scanner, webcam, external hard drive, smartphone, graphics tablet or touchpad, not to mention the keyboard and mouse. You can also connect more specific peripherals or gadgets such as specialized control modules or fans for summer days.

Although all laptops or desktops come with original USB ports, it is quite common that the number of these is no longer enough. It is therefore recommended to buy a Docking station for iPad pro to multiply them and to benefit from a PC installation adapted to your needs.

How does a USB hub work?

The principle of a USB hub is very simple. This is a small external box on which you will find several USB ports. The USB hub plugs into a USB port on your computer.

We note, of course, that connecting a USB hub sacrifices a USB port on your computer, but that, conversely, the user recovers many others depending on the model chosen. The hub, therefore, transforms a USB port into many others.

Why buy a USB power strip?

While the principle of a USB hub is always the same, the configurations of USB hub models may change.

If you have a laptop, compact USB hubs that plug into a USB port on your laptop PC are available. They take up little space and are suitable for working on laptops. You will be able to use a very large number of external peripherals without having to disconnect the peripheral each time from its USB port.

Aware of the large size of a USB hub box, manufacturers have therefore declined certain models of USB hubs in the form of a USB box resembling an electrical power strip. We are talking here about a USB power strip.

Using a USB hub port:

When USB C multiport hub is connected to the computer, be it a desktop PC or a laptop, the USB hub offers a greater number of USB sockets to the user.

It is then sufficient to connect the peripheral directly to the USB hub, in the same way as to connect a peripheral directly to the USB port of the computer.

 USB hub

What can a USB 3.0 hub do?

The “U” in USB stands for “Universal”. All current peripherals use this universality of connection. However, the transfer rates between various generations of USB ports may be different.

USB 3.0 followed on from USB 2. Although the external appearance is identical, the USB 3.0 port offers a transfer speed of about 10 times that of USB 2.0.

Manufacturers have therefore put on the market a USB 3.0 hub that can transfer data very quickly and transfer large files, such as high-definition video or music files.

What can be connected to a USB 2.0 hub?

If USB 2.0 is about 10 times less efficient in terms of performance than USB 3.0, it is nonetheless universal.

The user can therefore connect a USB 2.0 hub to any USB device:

– Printer

– To scan

– Camera

– Smartphone

– Tablet

– Graphic tablet

– Additional card reader (SD card reader)

Be careful, however, if you can connect, for example, an external USB 3.0 hard drive to a USB 2.0 hub, the transfer speed will be limited to the transfer speed offered by USB 2.0. Your hard drive will therefore behave as if it were an external USB 2.0 hard drive with a much slower transfer speed.

What is a powered USB hub for the power-hungry device?

Most USB C multiport hub products are supplied with an electrical current through the cable that connects them to the user’s computer. It may happen that the electrical power offered by this type of USB hub is not sufficient, in particular, to manage a device that consumes energy.

To overcome this problem, you will find at, USB hubs accompanied by an external power supply to quickly deal with this kind of problem.

How to use a USB hub?

The main role of the USB hub with long cord is to provide flexibility and connection solutions, anywhere and anytime. A USB hub can thus be hot-plugged into the computer to meet the user’s needs. It allows you to use the necessary peripherals. Once it has been used, all you have to do is remove the USB hub from the computer’s USB port, still hot. Of course, if the user has a desktop computer, the USB hub can be left connected to the PC for future use.

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