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Turn any phone into a wireless remote mouse and keyboard

Some times we may need to do things differently. Like controlling your PC through your phone the thing that attract the user to learn how is this done. Today we are going to cover this topic. You will learn how you can use your Android/IOS or Windows mobile to act as a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Today you have got many different apps for various purposes. So for each and every need we have an app for different platforms. Now lets see how we can make use of our mobile device to control our Computer wirelessly. We already knew that there are vast number of apps in Play store for every specific purpose.

Turn any phone into a wireless remote mouse and keyboard

But we want an App that can do each specific thing through a single app only and it must support all different platforms. So for that purpose we found out apps that can turn your mobile device into wireless mouse and keyboard and also it can perform other controlling function of PC. Bluetooth and Wi-fi can be used to connect the mobile to PC.

Mobile phone turn into a wireless remote mouse and keyboard

There are two best apps that can be used to turn Mobile acting as Wireless keyboard and mouse

1. Unified Remote
2. Monect PC Remote

They both are light weight free app and has a paid version also but free version is enough for us. Monect PC remote has many features and I personally used it. So here we see in detail using Monect PC remote and the same procedure is followed for Unified remote app also.

Turn any phone into a wireless remote mouse and keyboard

Firstly get these apps from playstore.

1. Download apk app for Unified Remote
2. Download apk app for Monect PC remote

Connect Apps to PC to use as remote

Apart from the apps you need a Remote server Installation on your Computer to create interfacing between your computer and your mobile device. To do that you need to install remote server in your PC which establishes the connection for your PC and android device. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi , you can remotely control your PC.

Now download the remote server for your PC (Windows and MAC)

  1. Download Unified Remote Server
  2. Download Monect PC remote server

After downloading the Remote server install it in your PC and install it. Next open your Monect or Unified app in your android phone. I have used Monect Remote PC app so I will talk more about it. The options in the unified is much as same as  in monect. So you can connect to your PC by using Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

Mobile device as Wireless keyboard and mouse

How to connect apps through bluetooth

Bluetooth is very simple to use with these apps. You have to pair your mobile device with your Computer and then by selecting Bluetooth option in the apps you can access the controllers. But the cons of using Bluetooth are few very useful features of Monect Remote PC cannot be accessed like Wireless data cable, projection, screen sharing etc, they can only be used when connected through Wi-Fi. As wi-fi is much faster than bluetooth.

How to connect apps through Wi-Fi

To access all the features of Monect PC Remote you need to connect the mobile device to your computer. The only thing you need to do is connect both the device through a single common wifi network. You can create a hotspot on your mobile and connect it to PC. Or you can use any external router to connect your device to a common wifi.

Turn any phone into a wireless remote mouse and keyboard

After all the setup is complete you will be able to use your mobile device as a Mouse to move the pointer and select anything, as a keyboard to type, as a Data cable to transfer files from Computer to Phone or Phone to Computer, as a Joystick to play game using Gamepad and also you can do many other things like controlling your Power-point presentation, control VLC etc.

Important Features in details

  1. Keyboard has all the important keys with some one click keys for Shutdown, Restart, My Computer, Sleep and all the functional keys. So by just pressing one key you can shut down your computer wirelessly.
  2. Mouse options are similar to laptop’s touch pad. You are provided with Left, right and middle mouse buttons. Also a scrolling a bar is provided for scrolling the WebPages and other windows document and applications. If your mobile device support Gyroscope sensor then you can have a 3D mouse too.

    Mobile device as Wireless keyboard and mouse

  3. You can transfer file wirelessly using Data Cable controller of Monect PC Remote App.
    To do that open the “Data Cable” controller in Monect app. On opening it you see your device storage information. Just click the start button which you see, as soon as you click that, a new window gets opened in your PC with all your android device files. Next you can move, copy or transfer any of your files between your computer and Android phone. It’s fast and will not take any time than when you use a data cable.
  4. You can use joystick or Gamepad for playing games. In the list of Controllers you’re given with Race, Gamepad, Shooter Mode, Fly mode. Using all these controllers you can play the games that are suitable to the particular controller. A separate Controller for Playing GTA game is also given so you can have fun with that GTA game controller.
  5. By using a data cable, you can also directly open images, PDF’s, Microsoft Documents directly in your mobile Phone.
  6. By using PowerPoint controller you can remotely access the control of the slides in your presentation. Using simple control you can start, end, next, previous the presentation slides.

So that is all I want to talk about. To know more about these apps go to there respective website. Now share this post with your friends. Thank you for reading.

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