Can Android phones get viruses – Mobile Antivirus facts and tips

Viruses are a pain in a*s! Yeah, I have a good friendship with viruses as met them very often. But a question that I always wonder is, “Do Mobile phones are also vulnerable to virus and malware’s?” And if the answer is ‘NO’ then why my smartphone is acting differently at some of the other time. So I found some answers that helped me and perhaps it should be helpful to you as well.

Is Android vulnerable to Viruses and Malware?

There are lots of personal data on our mobile phones and we don’t want anyone else to get hold of that data in any manner. So we must know that is there any possibility that virus can send our personal data to the hackers from our Smartphones. Let me first clear the doubt that Android virus doesn’t exist. Virus programs are created to replicate itself, but there is no virus that can replicate on Android. So Viruses are not a major concern on Android as they actually don’t exist.
Can Android phones get viruses
But there is another thing that you need to worry about. I am talking about Android Malware’s that has the capability to theft your personal data. Android Malware’s can also do much more harm than data theft like data stealing, Giving your location to some without your knowledge, sending an automated SMS to a premium rate numbers that can cost you a ransom amount.

Facts about Android Antivirus

Do you got an Antivirus app on your smartphone and Do you really think it’s working on the Malware’s to protect you. Huh! I may sound rough but the fact is all Android Antiviruses are not made for removing the virus and malware. As far as I researched the Android antiviruses are just a security app that mainly focuses on providing a backup and wipes up feature. That means if your Smartphone is lost then your data can be retrieved and to protect data from going into wrong hands antivirus can wipe your data remotely.
 Antivirus facts and tips
So after installing the Antivirus on your smartphone don’t rely on them fully. Android Antivirus can scan malware apps but not all malware apps can be detected. The Android malware problem is majorly caused by the act of the user itself. Majority cases (about 90%) the major cause of spreading malware is because of installing the Malware apps. The user is actually responsible for installing the unreliable app which has hidden malware inside it or it update your phone with malware.

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Android Malware Protection Measures and Tips 

Tip 1: 

Use smartphone Antivirus or mobile security app to protect your Android device. Scan the apps and files of your Android with it regularly. And as said before “Don’t rely on them fully”, they are just an added security feature and are not that important.

Tip 2: 

Add a security lock (Pin, pattern, and password or any other lock) on your device and lock it when not in use.

Tip 3: 

Always install the apps from the reputed and reliable play store like Google play store. Also, read the reviews and comment on that app before installing it. 
 Antivirus facts and tips

Tip 4: 

Rooting and Jail-breaking a device makes it more vulnerable. Always try not to Root your android device.

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Tip 5: 

Encrypt the important files and data stored on the phone. Encryption adds a shield which protects the documents, files, contact and other data from the hackers.  Also, update your Android OS regularly.

Tip 6: 

Never use any unprotected Wi-Fi network and don’t connect any unreliable wireless networks.

Tip 7: 

Check your Mobile network balance regularly as Malware may cost you by sending the premium SMS.
That’s all. Do you have any other Tips and suggestions add it in the comment below? 

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