How to Track and Analyze Your WP Site Performance

Statistics tell a lot about your site performance. Whether you want to know how many visits your site gets, where your visitors come from, or which of your posts or pages get the most clicks, you can track everything. Google Analytics is the most widely used statistics tracking tool that you can use to get detailed stats on your site performance.

If you’re running a WordPress powered website, there are some great news for you. You can now access all of your Google Analytics reports right from your dashboard using Google Analytics WD plugin. It gives you detailed reports in comprehensive colorful charts and allows you to compare reports from different periods and download them in PDF or CSV files.

Google Analytics WD plugin

If you want to know how Google Analytics WD works and what you can actually track this post is all about it. I’ll walk you the plugin installation and setup process, and afterward, present the features and functionalities that it comes with. Let’s go.

Installation of Google Analytics WD plugin

To be able to access your reports, you’ll have to download and activate the plugin either from WordPress plugin directory or from the plugin’s official website. Once you download the plugin, it will ask you for account authentication, which is basically asking for permission to access your data. After you provide your GA tracking code the plugin will start doing its work.

Google Analytics WD plugin installation

Tracking using Google Analytics WD plugin

To get the plugin reporting interactions on your site, you’ll have to first configure the tracking settings. It’s the first page the plugin will take you after authentication, where you can enable/disable some of the essential tracking settings. Below the tracking options you’ll find custom dimensions, which are the dimensions which Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track. Those allow you to track data based on logged in users, post types, specific tags and categories, authors, etc.

Tracking using Google Analytics WD plugin

From the same page, you can manage the tracking exclusions and exclude activities by specific roles or users from being included in the reports.

How to Analyze Your WP Site Performance 

There are many different menu and option available in the Google Analytics WD plugin. The different available options are discussed below.

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# Overview – Google Analytics WD plugin

Google Analytics WD comes with an overview page, where you can quickly view some of your site’s stats. The overview page offers quick reports for real time visitors, audience, site visitors, browsers and locations. Just make sure to select the reporting period and the site you want to get reports for.

Track and Analyze Your WP Site Performance

# Reports – Google Analytics WD plugin

This is the page where you can find all of your site reports. Google Analytics WD comes with a number of built-in report types that cover almost everything happening on your site, from user geolocations to Adsense and Adwords reports. Find the full list of the reporting types below. 

Reports - Google Analytics WD plugin

The reports are displayed in comprehensive line and pie charts or in columns view. Also, if you want to download the reports in different file formats (PDF, CSV) or email them to multiple recipients you can absolutely do that. The reports are responsive and scale perfectly for any screen size. 
Full Reports - Google Analytics WD plugin
You can also compare reports from different periods. Just make sure to choose the reporting period from the date picker.

# Custom reports on Google Analytics

This is the outstanding and most widely used feature of Google Analytics WD. Although it already comes packed with a myriad of reporting types it also allows you to set custom reports and track specific data that you’re most interested in. There are seriously hundreds of metrics and dimensions you can set a custom report for, and access it in the plugin’s reporting page. 
Custom reports on Google Analytics wp plugin
To set a custom report, just go to the custom reports section of the plugin, give the report a name, choose the metric and dimension you want to get a report for, and you’re done.
For example, you can select users as a metric and keyword as a dimension, and track what keywords bring users to your website.  

# Goal Management From Google Analytics plugin

Goals represent completed activities, and measure how well your website fulfills your targeted objectives. Google Analytics WD allows you to easily set and manage goals to track the activities your visitors accomplish on your site. For example, you can set visiting a specific page as a goal, or a specific number of page views as goal. 
Goal Management From Google Analytics plugin
To set a goal you have to go to the goal management section of the plugin, and fill in the relevant fields. There are three types of goals you can set: destination, duration, pages/screens per session. Depending on what you want to track, you just make the necessary adjustments and here you go. You can check your goals on the plugin’s reporting page. 

# Settings – Google Analytics WD plugin

Google Analytics WD comes with an advanced set of settings that you can fully adjust to your needs. Under the settings section you’ll find alerts and Pushover notification options, filtering settings, email options and options for frontend reports, Adsense link tracking, and more. 
Settings - Google Analytics WD plugin

With Google analytics WD you can set alerts, that will keep you informed about the highest or lowest number of sessions, users, bounces or session durations on your website. Setting an alert is super easy, you just have to fill in the relevant fields, provide your email address, and configure some other options. The notifications can be sent daily, weekly or monthly, based on the conditions you select.
You can also set to get Pushover notifications on any of your tablets or smartphone.

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Final thoughts

Google Analytics WD is a great tool to track your site’s performance and get detailed reports about everything happening on your site. It’s super easy to set up and customize and has a very straightforward backend. Check out plugin demo and the detailed user guide to learn more about it.

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