5 Important things to consider while developing a last-mile delivery app

Last-mile delivery logistics is one of the fastest-growing industries nowadays. It includes delivering the goods from the retailer’s transportation hub to the final destination. The entire process involves only two things, parcel, and the last-mile delivery app. And it has only one goal, deliver the package as fast as possible. 

As per the analytics about last-mile delivery logistics, the cost of delivering goods excluding pickup, sorting, and line-haul costs to €70 billion in China, US, and Germany, which is equivalent to 40% of the logistic market. Several businesses have identified the last mile logistics as an innovative opportunity to derive business growth and profit. Thus, the demand to have a flawlessly working previous mile delivery app is on the rise for every supply chain business

Rise of e-commerce and last-mile delivery solution

The most significant driving factor that leads to the success of last-mile logistics is e-commerce. Ecommerce has shifted the market share from B2B to B2C, making the last mile logistics as one of the hottest trends in the supply chain industry. It is one of the easiest ways for the customers to get the desired products right at their doorsteps. Perhaps, the customers are ready to pay double price for the last mile delivery services like same-day delivery or next day delivery. 

Important things to consider while developing a last-mile delivery app

Customer delivery preferences

Big e-commerce players like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and others recognized the last mile logistics as the key differentiators in their services. The logistics options and quality of the services influence the decision making of their customers. Research shows that 23% of customers are ready to pay extra for same-day delivery. 

If you are considering to take advantage of the fastest growing supply chain industry, then you need to invest in a well-designed and flawlessly developed last-mile delivery solution. Before that, you need to overcome the following hurdles. 

Challenges to conquer for developing a last-mile delivery app

  • Transparency: In a convenient transportation system, the logistics companies use codes. The drawback of laws is that the customers forgot them in the hustle. Nowadays, customers want real-time delivery and want to know exactly when their parcel will arrive. 
  • Fuel costs: Fuel is indeed the most vital factor for logistics. The cost of fuel indirectly affects the revenue of the business. Besides, one-day delivery and same-day delivery has put stress on the budget. 
  • Lack of infrastructure: This is the biggest hurdle for the logistic company for delivering goods in developing countries. The delivery becomes intense when there is a lack of speedways, highways, and signboards. Thus, it impacts the rising cost of transportation for the supply chain industry
  • Human errors: Sometimes, the customers add an incorrect address, which had to bear. Besides, many other factors like no parking, unavailability of the customer, locating the place, and the customer’s changed mind contribute to increased time and fuel. 

How to overcome logistics challenges with the last mile delivery app? 

Creating a real-time delivery tracking software can address all the above challenges. Businesses can implement innovative features to overcome their costs. 


You can have an intuitive and interactive dashboard to manage all your dispatch operations effectively. You can access your dashboard on both mobile and web applications along with the other features like delivery route planning and optimization software. Here, you can track all the deliveries from one place, while focusing on all your major and prior shipments. 

Easy route optimization

With this feature, you can overcome two significant challenges for the fastest delivery, time, and fuel. Route optimization feature enables you to discover the quickest route possible to reach the final destination. You can optimize major factors like traffic, weather, strikes, and others for identifying the easiest and fastest way for the delivery. Thus, it helps you to reduce the delivery fuel cost. 

Route optimisation while developing a last-mile delivery app

Route optimization feature in last-mile delivery app

Automatic dispatch

Automatic dispatch contributes to reduced labor cost and service time. With the automatic shipment, you can easily assign the delivery service to the best person. It helps you to select the right driver for the right task at the right time.  In this way, you can deliver in the fastest possible manner. 

Search bar

The search bar in the courier parcel delivery software provides instant access to essential information like status of any delivery, time of delivery, real-time tracking, assigned person, successful deliveries, pending deliveries, and others. 

Cash deposits

This feature provides you the amount collected and deposited by the delivery personnel. It can also record it and generate a receipt for the delivery person. 

Delivery personnel profiles

You can create a profile for every delivery person associated with your business. It allows you to record their primary information, including their photos, education, address, phone number, and others. 

Data analytics

With this feature, you can analyze the entire data associated with your logistic business. You can optimize the performance of your business with this feature. You can keep an eye on essential factors like fuel consumption rate, fastest delivery time for a particular region, average deliveries per day, and the average cost per day. 

Customer communication integration

With this feature, you can allow your customers to communicate with the delivery personnel for any queries. The customers can call or chat with the assigned driver in a single tap. 

Push notification

You can keep your customers updated with all critical information about their parcel with the help of push notification. You can send automated notifications through SMS or push notifications to inform them about the execution time and arrival time of their delivery. 

Customer communication integration - things to consider while developing a last-mile delivery app

Performance of delivery features in last-mile delivery app

Benefits of the last-mile delivery app for your business

  • Customer-centric: The courier parcel delivery software makes your delivery more reliable and trustworthy for the customers. The customers can easily log in to their app and check out the delivery status of their parcel. 
  • Improves the scalability of operations: You can improve productivity and ensure accountability with the help of comprehensive performance metrics. Thus, you can improve the scalability of your operations, which contributes to long term success. 
  • Accurate delivery: with the latest features and innovative tracking software, there are fewer chances of mis-delivering any parcel. With the help of route tracking software, the delivery personnel can quickly identify the place. 
  • Real-time visibility: It offers real-time visibility of the parcel to you and the customers. Thus, you can build loyalty amongst your customers. 

Finding the right last-mile delivery app developer

To stay competitive and survive in the last mile logistics industry revolution, the previous mile delivery app will help. It does not only reduce your delivery hassles but also improves your business ROI in the long term. You simply need to find out the best real-time delivery software developer who understands your business needs. 

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