Top 10 Pet-Friendly Universities in the US

Some people can’t imagine their lives without animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters, and even snakes hold a special place in our hearts. It can be hard to leave your pet behind when going away to study.  A lot of graduates look into taking their little friends with them on campus, so colleges and universities all over the country started adopting pet-friendly policies as described in this post

Also, scientists have already proven the healing effect that animals can have on people. So, for some students, a dog isn’t a furry friend but emotional support for when they are feeling nervous or overwhelmed. And don’t forget about service animals for people with disabilities who also want to pursue higher education!

As you can see, there are many reasons for letting animals on campus. If you have a lot of assignments, you can buy essay online and spend more time running around with your dog in a park! Still, many universities struggle with this decision for several reasons:

  • some learners or professors might be allergic;
  • pets need to be looked after, fed, and cleaned;
  • a lot of dogs might be aggressive to people and other pets.

Sure, these concerns still exist. But colleges of the United States started moving in the direction of accepting animals on campus. So, be sure to make the right choice and order from if your GPA needs a little help. Here is the list of the top 10 pet-friendly universities in the US!

University of Washington

This academic institution doesn’t have the most inclusive pet program as compared to others on this list. Still, it’s better than nothing! One of the oldest and recognized universities in the country offers four apartment buildings where pets are permitted. Three of them allow only fish or turtles. 

University of Northern Colorado

The program that allowed furry friends on campus was established 7 years ago. Out of all student buildings, only one is pet-friendly, with a limit of one animal max in each room. The University of Northern Colorado also listens to students and will work with them in the future on a more extended pet-friendly program.

Canton State University of New York

This campus has a strict policy about animals, banning all dogs, birds, insects, and snakes. Cats and rodents are cool and free to walk around the specially designated wing of the student housing. There is also a rule that all pets have to be pre-approved, so you can’t bring a random stray cat into your dorm!

Stetson University

This is one of the campuses with the most generous pet program on this list. There are no restrictions, so you can bring a parrot, a gerbil, a snake, or even a lizard if you like. Two whole houses allow pets, but students usually go for dogs. There is also a daycare for pets when learners need to be away for a whole day. 

California Institute of Technology

Do you know that CalTech is also sometimes called CatTech? As you might have guessed, cats are more than welcome on this campus. Strangely enough, no other big pets are permitted. Students can bring up to two feline friends in one dorm room. You can also get a fish or a turtle if it fits into a small aquarium. 

Clarion University

The program that includes pets as a part of life on campus was established only a couple of years ago. Still, this academic institution tries very hard to please the students, so every kind of animal is allowed. The administration believes that learners will do better in their studies if they are satisfied in this aspect of their lives.

Eckerd College

This academic institution is the most unique on this list. Its pet-friendly program was approved way back in 1973, almost four decades before bringing an animal on campus was allowed across the country. All pets have to be pre-approved and vaccinated, and they are free to roam around 16 housing halls.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It appears that great minds think alike. Just like CalTech, MIT only approves feline friends on campus grounds. There are whole dormitory buildings that can house cats, with written consent from every student that lives on the same floor. The administration also has to approve the new resident and you are good to go!

Sweet Briar College

This is not a typical college with a pet-friendly approach. This is a university combined with a farm, where only horses are permitted on the grounds. The territory of this academic institution is almost 3,500 acres, counting a riding center, a place for horse competition, and a very inclusive selection of liberal arts courses as well.

Johnson & Wales University

This educational institution is trying very hard to accommodate students with their pets at the campus so that everybody is happy. So, only small dogs are allowed, and only one animal per person can live on the grounds. The administration also banned certain canine breeds that can be considered dangerous, for example, pit bulls or any wolf crossbreeds. 


Taking your beloved pet with you to college can be very exciting! You can have a little piece of home with you and somebody will always greet you when you come back from your studies. Still, you have to be considerate to others and make sure that your furry friend stays safe and happy. After all, the main purpose of a university is learning and not bonding with dogs!

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