8 Fantastic Reasons to Move to the Sunshine State

The beautiful state of Florida is alluring to many, and it’s easy to see why. The Sunshine State offers something for everyone and is considered one of the most exciting places to live in across the entire United States. If you’re thinking about moving, here are some of the best reasons to pack your bags now!

1. Save More Money

That’s right. Florida has seen an uptick of about 900 people per day moving to the state. Ever since the pandemic resulted in COVID restrictions and higher taxes in many states, folks have happily made the exodus. The Sunshine State allows you to save more money, enjoy a great lifestyle and reside in a state with lower taxes.

What’s not to love?

2. Enjoy Stunning Beaches

Florida offers people 663 miles of beaches with soft, white sand and crystal clear blue water. Some of these standouts include Palm Beach, Siesta Key, Delray, Cocoa Beach and Clearwater. There are family-friendly beaches, surfing beaches, and romantic beaches just waiting for you.

3. Find Affordable Property

Here’s another wonderful aspect of moving to the Sunshine State. You can find a really nice place to live because Florida offers more affordable property than many other states in the nation.

There’s a low cost of living and plenty of land out there, and the moving couldn’t be easier. When you want to make the transition and get your stuff shipped there, including transporting cars to another state, finding the right moving and car transport service will make it a breeze.

The Florida industry has long been a popular and welcoming destination and knows how to give you that lending hand when you’re ready to move there.

4. Worship The Sun

They don’t fondly call Florida the Sunshine State for no reason. If you relish the warmth and the sizzling, sultry feeling of summer all year round, then, this is your happy place. It’s a paradise with gorgeous flowers and greenery growing all around you, and the climate-friendly weather is always a big draw for both visitors and residents alike.

5. There Is Disney

One of the greatest places on earth, Walt Disney Resort attracts people from around the globe to the area to experience this most magical scene. Did you know that the Magic Kingdom alone is the most popular theme park in the entire world with nearly 17 million visitors going through the park each year? There is nothing that quite compares to Disney, and to have it located in your state is a proud feeling and a feather in Florida’s cap.

6. You Feel Connected

Another incredible aspect of moving to Florida is finding that it’s quite friendly and rich in cultural variety. People of many backgrounds move there and bring with them their unique facets of art, music and food.

There are cultural influences featuring Hispanic, Native American, Haitian, African American, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Jewish and Vietnamese traditions that connect folks and help them feel like a part of the community.

7. Avoid Income Tax

You’ll also like this fantastic reason for moving to Florida: There is no personal income tax.

Individuals appreciate that, and there is more! The Sunshine State also boasts no estate tax or inheritance tax. The absence of these taxes is one of the biggest factors that make Florida a spectacular state for retirement.

8. You Can Retire There

With all of the reasons listed above, you can see why Florida makes for an ideal retirement state, too. In addition, there are so many amazing locations to enjoy spending your golden years. Some of these include the Florida Keys, Daytona Beach, Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Ocala, Port St. Lucie and Naples.

For example, one survey showed that residents of the Naples metro area, which includes Immokalee and Marco Island, report a high sense of well-being, and folks like living there.

Closing Remark

It’s no secret that Florida is a superb state for setting down roots and enjoying a lifestyle with gorgeous weather, a rich cultural tapestry and a strong economy that favors lower taxes for all. The Sunshine State can’t wait to see you!

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