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Ways to Improve Cleanliness Back in the Office

Improve Cleanliness Back

Every workplace has a back-office or some area that people don’t use that often. The lack of use sometimes makes the office accumulate dust, dirt, bacteria, and other items that can be harmful to workers when they go back there. These are some tips for improving the back office’s cleanliness so that everyone will be safe when they enter.

1. Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

One thing you can do to ensure that your office stays cleaner is to hire a professional cleaning company. The company might have a variety of plans to offer you. You can get your office cleaned every month or once a week. You can even have them come in and work several days of the week if people occupy it frequently. A professional cleaning company can clean the floors, furniture, desks, chairs, windows, and more. They can sanitize the bathroom if you have one in the back office, as well.

2. Stock Up on Sanitizer

You can also stock up on hand sanitizer and keep it back there for anyone who needs to spend some time there. You will lessen the risk of visitors getting colds or viruses if you provide a way for them to clean their hands as soon as they walk in. You can purchase bulk hand sanitizer to ensure that you always have some available and waiting on the desk for easy access.

3. Send Employees to Spot-Clean

You can improve cleanliness in the back office by sending one of your employees to spot clean every few hours. Perhaps, you can have someone go in there every four hours to dust and then use antiseptic cleaning agents on the desks and upholstery. Make sure you provide the workers with a set of gloves for cleaning and a mask if you feel it’s necessary. Cleaning every few hours will minimize the number of bacteria that can survive in the back office when no one is using it. You can offer the workers an incentive to go in there and do the cleaning duties.

4. Dump the Trash Daily

Another way to boost cleanliness is to make sure someone dumps the trash every day. Trash may accumulate in the back room even if it appears that no one is using the room. Your employees might throw random food items or other biodegradable items into the trash without you knowing. That’s why it’s best to have someone check the trash can at least once a day and rid the room of anything that’s in there.

5. Open the Windows

You could also open the windows in the back office from time to time to get the air circulating. You can do it for a few hours a day, or you can leave it open for the entire time your office is open. Letting a nice breeze in could clear the area of any dust that tries to accumulate. Just remember to close the doors before you lock up the office.

6. Buy an Air Purifier

Installing an air purifier in the office can help you to keep it much cleaner. An air purifier pulls the contaminants out of the air and then outputs fresh air for people in the room to breathe. It can work wonders for workers who have allergies, and it can also help to cut down on workplace illnesses. In fact, you might want to install some air purifiers in other areas of the office. It can never hurt to add an extra layer of protection.

7. Use Hepa Filters

Hepa filters are great at catching allergens and contaminants, as well. You should use Hepa filters on appliances such as the vacuum cleaner and the air purifier. You can find Hepa filters online, or you can search for them at a nearby home improvement store. They aren’t very costly, and any amount that you spend will be well worth the investment.

Start Getting Your Back Office Ready

The above-mentioned tips are things that you can do as early as today to get your office clean. You can try one, several, or all suggestions and make the environment much safer for everyone involved.

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