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Three Things You Can Do To Positively Impact Your Community

Things You Can Do To Positively Impact Your Community

It doesn’t matter if you live in a big city, a small one or a tiny town. Connecting to your community and giving back is important. Many of us want to do something for the betterment of our neighborhoods and the areas in which we reside, but often, we’re not sure how to go about it and make a difference. We all have the power to create positive change around us, and our experts have three things you can do to serve your community.

1. Donate Your Blood

The American Red Cross states, “Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.” By donating a pint of your own, your blood can help patients of all ages. Cancer, heart surgery, accident, burns, and more all require blood donations, and you can make an important impact on your community.

Especially during uncertain times like these, donating blood is a good and generous act needed now more than ever. The demand for blood products (blood, platelets, and plasma) never goes away even when our world isn’t in the center of a worldwide pandemic.

Hospitals in your community need an adequate supply of blood, and donating blood if you are healthy and eligible is a wonderful example of kindness. The American Red Cross is committed to the highest standard of safety and infection control for its donors.

You can click on the American Red Cross website and find a blood drive near you. Your group or organization could also host a blood drive in your city or town to bring volunteers and donors together. The spirit of teamwork in action is an amazing aspect of any community.

2. Support A Charity

Another excellent way to deliver a bit of goodwill to your community is by choosing a charity to work with. Some folks have an interest in helping animals or children with life-threatening diseases.

Support A Charity

You can make a positive impression in your city or town by stepping up to the plate and volunteering for the charity, making a money donation, or asking what supplies the organization needs.

Often, people have an old vehicle they wish to get rid of because it’s seen better days and not worth the money to repair it.

How to donate a car is simpler than you might think. It will be towed away for free, and you’ll get a tax deduction. Even more heartwarming is that your donation will help fund much-needed medical treatments for your chosen charity.

When selecting a charity to work with, it’s important to ensure that your intended organization is a 501C3 or has public charity status. If it isn’t, then your donations are generally not tax-deductible.

You can verify a nonprofit’s 501C3 status by heading to the IRS Select Check website. Search for the charity’s name or Employer Identification Number. You can also check the IRS’s Revocation database to make sure the nonprofit’s status hasn’t been revoked.

3. Tidy Up Your Landscape

Everyone wants a clean and green neighborhood, right?

You can take action in your town or city to help maintain its beautiful landscape. You can even host a clean-up. Some communities offer free supplies, pre\post-event checklists and local programs and resources to guide you along the way.

There are also organizations in most towns and cities that perform park and green space beautification efforts that you can become involved in. There are many facets to these kinds of organizations, and you and your group of friends, co-workers, or family can get involved at various levels.

For example, not only are there park cleanup and beautification days, but fundraising events are important for a community, too. Maybe you would prefer being on the organizational aspects of recreational and educational programming or advocating for park improvements, publicizing important issues on social media, aiding in resource management and park advocacy, etc.

We may not always believe it, but each of us has special qualities we can bring to the table in our communities. Getting out there and connecting with others can go a long way and help to build a stronger and closer community no matter how large or tiny it is.

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