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8 Ways to Keep Your Home Allergy Free

Keep Your Home Allergy Free

Many people suffer from a range of allergies. Different people react in different ways to the environment they are in. Living spaces are not as allergen-free as we might think. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to keep your house allergy-free. Allergens here refer to any substance that might provoke your immune system.

Most allergic reactions usually appear around spring and summertime. This is when the weather is favorable, flowers are blooming, the grass is seeding, and there is a lot of pollen in your surroundings. If you are allergic, especially to pollen, you may hide inside to avoid allergic reactions. You need to ensure you keep your home allergen-free. 

Here are effective ways to ensure that your house is always allergy-free.

1. Regularly clean your house.

Understand the cleaner your living space is, the less the chances of coming into contact with allergens. As a person who is prone to allergy reactions, keeping your house clean should be a top priority.

Make sure to create a regular cleaning regime. This will ensure that your home is always clean and dusted. Ensure to wipe down, sweep and vacuum at least once a week.

2. Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaners

Even though carpets offer a soft cushion for your feet, making your indoors comfortable, they also attract a lot of dust.

For the spaces that have carpet, make sure to vacuum them regularly and adequately. To ensure your carpets get a deep clean periodically, you have to make carpet cleaning a regular task in your home.

Understand that allergens get caught easily in the fibers of the rug. Therefore, leaving your floor bare, especially in the summertime, is an excellent way to get rid of allergens.

Among the many reasons to keep your house clean is to improve the air quality of your home. In return, good air quality is a perfect way of reducing allergic reactions that could trigger asthmatic symptoms, cause stuffy noses, itchy watery eyes, and even sneezing.

This is why having clean carpets is essential. Not point having the rest of the house clean if the floor is retaining articles that will set off your allergy.

3. Get rid of dust mites

Dust mites are some of the most notorious allergens. To get rid of them, make sure to dust your apartment thoroughly. Use a damp cloth to wipe exposed surfaces, floors, and window blinds. This is the best way to get rid of dust mites, leaving your home clean and allergy-free.

Dust mite infections

4. Regularly groom your pets

Pet dander is also another major cause of sniffles. By ensuring that your pet is always clean and well-groomed, you can be sure of getting rid of pet dander and your sniffles too.

5. Keep your windows closed

Keeping the outside, outside is an excellent idea, especially in the summer and spring. Remember flowers are blooming around this time. Hence the air is full of pollen, which is a prevalent allergen.

Keeping your windows closed helps you keep these allergens out, keeping you safe in the process.

6. Get some indoor plants

indoor plants

Studies have shown that indoor plants do an excellent job of improving the air quality in a house. Therefore, setting out plants like bamboo and aloe Vera is a good idea as it will help clean up the air in your room.

They readily filter common volatile organic compounds which will help to keep the air in your room cleaner and fresher.

7. Replace filters in vents 

Dirt and other debris usually get caught on the vent filters. Turning on your air conditioner will blow the dust into your apartment, which will then fill the air with allergens.

Therefore, regular cleaning and maintaining air conditioning units will help improve air quality.

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