How To Implement Green Cleaning in Your Workplace?

The world has changed, and we need to adapt to ecological regulations these days to have a cleaner and healthier environment. Green cleaning is one of the ways to achieve that, and it’s manageable if everyone works together. Let’s check some of the tips that can be applied to make green cleaning in your workplace successful.

Implement a green cleaning strategy

There should be some guidelines for all of the employees to follow when it comes to green cleaning. Make everything clear with written guidelines of regulations that cover maintenance, chemicals used for cleaning, and training of the employees. Keep some records about everything and make them available to all the employees or community members. Make sure that your strategy includes green cleaning products supply. Everything must be clear and concise, and the training must be provided.

Switching to smarter paper towels dispensers

One should pay attention to details as well, and one of them is paper towel dispensers. People are not aware of how much paper towels are wasted every day. You want your hands to be completely dry, so you might take several paper towels when you need one or two. There are dispensers of the newest generation that don’t allow you to draw a bunch of towels and thus prevent generating waste.

Replace chemical cleaners with green cleaners

Detergents used for cleaning can contain harmful chemicals that are not recommended for daily use. You can get informed about some better ways of cleaning, like using products that are safer and contain fewer chemicals. There are natural alternatives for cleaning, like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and essential oils, that are mostly there because they’re soothing and smell nice. Taking care of a huge workplace with many employees might not be such an easy task. It would do you good to hire a commercial green cleaning company that can run a monthly cleaning program and help you maintain the place spotless without harmful chemicals.

Introduce air purifying plants

Decoration can increase the cleanliness of your workplace, and many companies have implemented this as a workplace cleaning strategy. Greenery can add liveliness to your office other than having some air-purifying characteristics. Plants have a passive role in our workplace, but they are more important than you might think. They can absorb some unhealthy gases like benzene and formaldehyde, leaving the air much fresher and cleaner. A study by NASA revealed that indoor plants could absorb up to 70% of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, which is a huge contribution to the cleanliness of the indoor air. Just make a little effort to maintain them and water them regularly, and you will be thankful for the results. The aesthetic effect will be better since the green is very easy on the eye, soothing and adding some natural component to an otherwise dull office environment.

Focus on natural light in your workplace

If necessary, make some rearrangements in your workplace so that the desks are on the sunny side and can use the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. This way, you won’t have to use artificial light during at least the first couple of hours of your workday. Your eyesight will be thankful since the natural light is much easier on the eye, especially if you already work on a computer and receive a portion of blue light all the time. The company’s electricity bill should be reduced as well by this strategy.

Declutter your workplace and clean regularly

To make cleaning less frequent, you can declutter your desk and the area where you work. Making it always neat will postpone the necessity of some serious cleaning. If everybody did this regularly, the work environment would remain clean for more extended periods and would only require a green cleaning session once a month or so. Every kind of garbage should be removed right away, and it would be good if everyone removed dust from their desks from time to time. Your workplace is a place where you spend a significant part of your day, so you’re doing it for yourself and your health.

Save the energy in your workplace

Make sure you unplug the computers or other devices before leaving your workplace. Computers that remain plugged can use the energy, which goes to waste. The same goes for printers, mobile phones, or any other frequently used electronic devices. This habit is ecologically friendly and can increase the consumption of electricity. Check if everything is unplugged before leaving, and make sure you turn off the light as well. LED bulbs are a popular solution as well since they have some advantages over regular incandescent bulbs. One of their main pros is that they offer the same amount of light with using less energy.

Use eco-friendly furniture and office suppliers

Some office rearrangements may imply getting new suppliers and office furniture. Eco-friendly materials can be a good substitute for wood since they are more sustainable and easier to clean. The most famous one is bamboo since it grows in sustainable forests and is pretty faster than regular trees. Since paper is made of wood, try to avoid it or reduce its usage. Some tablets and phones can be used for taking any kind of notes, and there are also hand dryers for those who would like to ditch the paper towels as well.


Sustainability is something we should all tend to achieve. These tips can be helpful for those of you who aim to achieve a healthy and sustainable work environment. You will see that if you stick to those simple rules, after a while, it will become a part of your work routine, and it won’t be difficult. It is still recommendable to have a professional cleaning company give you a hand from time to time, so make sure you choose the adequate one. You shouldn’t worry about its cost since the green cleaning strategy is supposed to save money on the electricity bill, paper towels, and disposable supplies. Basically, you will spend the same or similar amount of money and will enjoy a healthier workplace environment.

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