Importance of VPN while Going on Travels – Things you Definitely Need to know

Do you love to travel? Or have to frequently travel due to work? Check out our guide about the Importance of VPN while Going on Travels, why you need it when you travel.

Know About the Importance of VPN while Going on Travels

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen.

I love traveling, there has not been a single year since the past 9 years that I haven’t taken a break to travel and unwind my mind.

The beautiful thing about traveling is that it brings you at the moment, no thoughts of past no prospects of future lurking in your head.

while traveling the only worries you carry are tiny ones, like where are you going to get your next meal from or which hotel will you be checking in to. Which reminds me how much I use the hotels Wi-Fi and never check in to the ones that don’t offer free Wi-Fi.

 Need to know About the Importance of VPN while Going on Travels

But last year when my card number got stolen it taught me something about how using public Wi-Fi and why a best VPN for iPhone was so important to me.

Know About the Importance of VPN while Going on Travels

Public Wi-Fi is not safe

If you’re using an unprotected public Wi-Fi, the chances are that your data security is going to be sacrificed. You could simply be going through your emails while someone just across the table is trying to gain remote access to your device.

Once an intruder gains access to your data, they can do anything with it. They may ask you for money in return or may just randomly post your personal photos online for no external benefit, just fun and experimenting.

this is why you have to be very sure that you are using a secure network, make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and most importantly you have your VPN turned on.

Some countries are known as hubs for cybercrime and small-time frauds, usually, these countries attract a lot of tourism which is why it is easy to target people.

This shouldn’t stop you from traveling wherever you want to. I’ve been to the valleys of Nepal and to the top of skyscrapers in New York, but with caution.


While you’re abroad or even in your own country, never ever make the mistake of carrying out banking transactions on a public Wi-Fi. Use Data even if it costs you a whole in the wallet, it’s at least better than an empty bank account.

So don’t let that happen. While carrying out financial transactions on your phone, firstly connect to the server of your account’s country of origin and then log in. logging in from an international destination can cause your account to be blocked by the bank on the suspicion of theft or wrongful use as they identify a different IP location.

Safe Banking with Vpn

Secondly, the use of a VPN while carrying transactions through your phone is incumbent as it will encrypt data for you. So that in the event it ends up in unwanted hands, it’s totally useless.

During traveling most people use their credit card for all their buying, another important step is to set a limit on your card so that, if theft is incurred your loss is minimized to the limit set.

Accessing region blocked websites

many countries have very limited content when it comes to websites and applications, in this event the use of a VPN will totally enable you to access anything from anywhere in the world.

There are countries that have blocked YouTube, Google, Snapchat and so on. So if you want to show off to your friends where you’re traveling a VPN will enable you to use Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp… everything.

Importance of VPN while Going on Travels -Accessing region blocked websites

Provided that the VPN service is good enough to bypass geo-blocking of different levels.

While I was in the UAE, I was totally drooling over the pretty girls around me. I decided to go to Tinder and try my luck, but to my surprise, the application is blocked in the UAE.

It didn’t take me long to turn my VPN on and start swiping right on the right girls! Luckily I did find a partner to brighten my holiday further.

 Ps. Jessica if you’re reading this, “hello!”
Ps. Jessica if you’re reading this, “hello!

Wrapping up!

Travel all your life and you will keep learning forever. But now that you know what things to keep in mind while traveling makes sure you have the best VPN for Android whichever device you use.

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Hackers and cybercriminals are only increasing, especially as digital currencies are sprouting up and online banking is on its highest. Therefore, keep in mind the tips mentioned above and enjoy your travels to the fullest.

Bon, voyage!

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