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Ivacy Review – Best VPN service to access blocked content

VPNs have made life easy for internet users by providing online security to all. Online security is essential because people want to surf the web privately.

Indeed, a VPN protects your connection online, but it also provides various other services that compel you to get one.

Today there are many VPN providers available in the market but everyone desires the best, and when we talk about the best, we come across only a few names and one of those names is Ivacy.

Ivacy was founded in 2007, and it did not take much time to set up a benchmark for other VPN providers. Following are the reasons behind Ivacy’s success:



Ivacy provides you with some protocols that allow you to carry your online activities with good speed and protection.

Ivacy’s protocols include:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSTP
  • TCP
  • UDP

Its different protocols and encryption offer different speeds and strengths to your connection to help you select the one you desire.

Ivacy Review - Best VPN service to access blocked content

Dedicated IP:

This particular feature of Ivacy gives you a sense of security by assigning you an IP that masks your IP address.

This way you can operate your system safely without being tracked and without experiencing any unauthorized access.

Online Security:

It is a generic feature of VPNs as this is a basic service every VPN provides. However, not better than Ivacy.

Ivacy has a 256-bit encryption feature that makes your connection rock-solid. If you are in a public place, where you connect any of your devices to a public Wi-Fi, you can do so knowing that you are safe.

This feature will help you protect your data or information from being snooped, hacked or leaked because it makes your connection too strong for hackers to get through.

Online Shopping and Airfares:

Did you know? With Ivacy you can shop online at low prices because it enables you to access websites with a different IP location, where the prices are relatively low. Hence you can buy stuff at relatively low prices.

Similarly, Ivacy enables you to buy tickets online at a lower price because it allows you to access the website with a different IP location where the airfares are relatively cheaper. Therefore you can enjoy low airfares of the same airline service.


Netflix is a recognized platform today, and every individual wants a Netflix account. However, in some locations, Netflix does not provide shows that most of the people want.

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Here Ivacy provides a solution by allowing you to access Netflix with a different IP location and enjoy all the shows that aren’t available at your location.

5-Simultaneous Logins:

It is a time saving and a cost-effective feature provided by Ivacy. This feature allows you to operate Ivacy on multiple devices and you do not have to get another account for operating Ivacy at another device.


It is very difficult for people to download content from torrent websites because there are copyrights issues.

However, for Ivacy it’s a very tiny issue. Ivacy allows you to download content from torrent websites without being tracked.

These are all the features provided by a single brand known as ‘Ivacy.’ Too many features by one brand. Who would’ve thought?

Customer Care:

Ivacy’s customer care is the best among the popular VPNs. Ivacy has some active and quick agents in their customer team, which makes it the best customer service provider.

The issues are dealt effectively, the responses are quick, and the communication is very interactive. It is very rare and a sign of the best VPN provider.


Ivacy is the least expensive among the best VPN providers, and this factor makes Ivacy a better option for you. Following are Ivacy’s offered packages:


It shows how Ivacy gives value to your money by providing a wide range of features at a low price, and this affordability factor of Ivacy makes it a popular brand in the market.


These are the reasons why Ivacy is up to the class today. The facts mentioned above leave no doubt that Ivacy is one of the best VPN providers. However, it is your call in the end.

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