The Complete Guide to Private Blog Networks

A private blog network should be built taking into account tidy appearance and appropriate technical solutions. A good PBN is characterized by:

  • A unique content, which consists of substantive articles enriched with thematic graphics,
  • Regular publication of new content,
  • Original layout,
  • Individually prepared advertising graphics necessary to diversify the linking process,
  • Protects your content from hacking attacks.

The PBN SEO Service should provide diversification of solutions, avoid schematic operations and prepare each PBN website individually, taking into account its subject matter and tactics of building the popularity of the customer service in search results. It is important to optimize the domains that makeup PBN according to Google’s guidelines for webmasters. The power of PBN is important in the positioning process as it affects the effectiveness of the linking strategy adopted.

Development of PBN

Preparation of high-quality PBNs, which will effectively support the SEO process, requires time, experience and knowledge in the field of website design. The next stages of the PBN construction process are as follows:

Purchase and registration of domains

Good facilities include both fresh domains, purchased directly from the registration company, as well as historical domains obtained from the secondary market. Here it is important to verify the subject matter of the website that previously worked on the domain.

Choice of hosting

Choose a trusted host provider that cares about the security of your servers and guarantees the greatest possible availability of your site. When creating a large PBN consisting of many websites, it is worth buying hosting from various companies, so that in the event of a hacker attack on a given server, only a part of our blogs will suffer.

Implementation of CMS systems

When deciding on a CMS, one should take into account its intuitiveness and ease of publishing new content, introducing optimization changes, the possibility of installing plug-ins, modules and templates, thanks to which the PBN website will present itself well among other services in search results. Most often we use such systems as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

Preparation of the content

The construction of a good PBN requires the completion of all subpages, which are normally found in information services or blogs – the home page, bookmark about us, particular thematic categories. It is worthwhile to enrich the website with multimedia elements – interesting graphics, video materials, links to presentations.

Technical optimisation

Setting up Title, Description tags, XML map preparation, robots.txt file, optimizing URL 

The structure will support the PBN indexing process. From the very beginning, it is worth taking care of positive evaluation of the websites by search engine robots, so that the links placed on them effectively increase the visibility of the Customer’s website.

Building popularity of PBN

The development of an appropriate strategy for raising the profile of PBN must be taken into account when it is being developed. The better the parameters of domains (e.g. high Trust Flow), the more power they will be able to pass on to published links.

Monitoring of PBN status in search results

PBN is as vulnerable to manual and algorithmic penalties as the customer’s website. Regular monitoring of the domain status in search results (e.g. with the use of Google Search Console) allows you to react to possible problems on an ongoing basis.

Dedicated PBNs

Dedicated PBN service is recommended for website owners who want to get two advantages: improve their position in search results for selected keywords and build the image of an expert in the industry. Publishing substantive and valuable articles with natural links, brands or custom domain names sometimes helps to get users out of the search engine and then transfer them from PBN to the website. Therefore, PBN may be an additional source of traffic acquisition and conversion.

Benefits of a dedicated PBNs

Full control over the content and appearance of the websites – allows you to maintain the high quality of PBNs, which contributes to gaining trust and translates into increased power of outgoing links. The result is improved visibility of the brand in search results,

Diversification of the link profile – having links from different sources is safer because it is evaluated by the search engine algorithm as a natural link,

Unavailability for competition – a dedicated base is created exclusively to support the process of the website’s SEO of a specific customer. The competition does not have the possibility to add its own texts or links, which may happen if you work with influencers and bloggers promoting different brands on their websites,

Supporting the SEO process in a sustainable way – by retrieving links from catalogues and web forums, we are not sure how long the links will be issued. The site administrator may remove links after a month, year or several years or suspend the maintenance of the domain. In the case of dedicated PBNs, it is the owner of the money site who decides when the outgoing links will be deactivated,

Additional advertising space – PBN pages can be used to broadcast advertisements in the form of banners or promotional videos.

Long-term investment – the construction and development of PBN at the very beginning involves considerable financial outlays in comparison with the publication of a sponsored article on a blog of a well-known influencer. Over time, the strength of the PBN pages will increase, and the publication of each new text will cost the copywriter money to prepare the content and the cost of maintaining the domain. In the long run, such a strategy may be more cost-effective than investing in cooperation with website publishers.

Costs of dedicated PBNs

The service of creating and maintaining PBNs is valued individually. The offer includes customer expectations (number of domains, the appearance of services, diversity of CMS systems, etc.) as well as costs related to technical maintenance of services. The final price of the dedicated PBNs includes the expenses incurred on:

  • Purchase of domains,
  • Hosting or setting up a dedicated server to store the source files of the pages,
  • Customize the appearance of your PBNs,
  • Optimization for search engine requirements,
  • Preparation of content,
  • Increasing the visibility of PBN domains,
  • Regular audit and background monitoring of search results,
  • Possible transfer of domain ownership rights to the Customer.

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