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Summer Party – How To Do It Right

summer party

Summer is almost here. It’s time for long and lazy days as well as warm nights full of stars. Are you ready for summer this year? Well, there is no better way to usher in the new season than to invite your friends for an outdoor summer party. Here are some tips on how to host the most memorable summer party this year.


Don’t stress about your summer party. It should feel relaxed and casual. You should take a breath and relax.  After all, what is the motive behind the party? You and your best buddies want to have fun, right? Well, you can’t have fun when stressed.

Yes, we understand it’s the best season of the year, and you need to host an amazing party. But, you can do it best when you feel relaxed. Do not forget the motive while preparing things. Remember, even if things do not turn out as you wanted, you can still have fun. Having fun is all that matters!

Plan Things Out

Once you feel relaxed, go on and grab a notepad. Now, visualize your ideal summer party in your mind. Do you like those subtle, soothing parties or the hipster kind?

Based on your likes, craft a list of all the things that you need to arrange. Consider the location, décor, food, and entertainment arrangements. This particular method will give you a clear picture of the current scenario and will help you put up a nice, thrilling summer party in no time. You can also determine the budget required by creating a list.

Hands-Free Hosting Is the Best Choice 

Start by setting up a few appetizer and aperitif tables with small nibbles. Your summer party guests will love the simple and savory bites just like fancy crudités. Don’t forget about DIY cocktail bars. You can’t go wrong with colorful enamel, galvanized tubs and planters. 

The cocktails will refresh your guests and lighten up the atmosphere. You can mix a pitcher of your favorite summer cocktail, swizzle sticks and fun multi color light up pilsner cups for the best results. Your guests will definitely love a sparkling cocktail on a warm summer evening. 

Keep Your Décor Easy 

Bring out some blankets and cushions for people to sit on. You can also drape your throws on the backs of your dining chairs to keep your guests warm and add some color. With cozy seating areas, you will be encouraging conversation. You don’t need to be fussy with table settings, rather you should opt for a laid-back feeling. 

Tables and fancy décor would make the feel of the party formal, which we do not want. It’s a summer party and it should be as casual as possible. You can enhance the ambiance with some blooming garden flowers. Put them up fresh and nice. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Twinkling strands always enhance the ambiance of an evening party. The tiny shining lights look stunning against the fading light of the day. Outdoor lighting can be functional and festive. You can also create a romantic feel outside by highlighting your garden or defining a pathway. 

If you want a more jazzy and party-like atmosphere, then go ahead and decorate the location with some neon Led lights. The bold flickering lights will brighten up everyone’s mood and get them dancing in minutes!

Add Music 

You don’t have to choose complicated music for your summer party to go well. You can hook up your phone or iPod to speakers for a great summer playlist. You can’t go wrong with some live music for the most memorable party. 

Karaoke setup is also a wonderful idea for a festive summer night. The singing would encourage your guests to participate and interact. 

Set up a campfire 

If you have hosted a party outdoors or maybe into the wild and the weather’s cold at night, then adding a campfire can make a significant difference. 

The ignited fire and warmth would get people comfortable. Campfires are a great way to get people talking and laughing. You all can toast some marshmallows together and refresh old memories. Some people also prefer playing guitar around the campfire while others dance and vibe to it. 

Enjoy the Party 

Your summer party is a great time to relax with family and friends. You can make your introductions, mingle and have an amazing party.

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