6 tips to ensure a safe and unforgettable graduation party

A graduation party is an occasion that you want to get everything right. It is easy to get carried away with the moment and forget about safety. A graduation party unites friends and families to celebrate the achievement. One critical aspect to remember during the party is the safety and health of the guests. You’ll have an unforgettable experience when the party is safe and successful.

Don’t worry, we created a list of security tips to help you organize a safe graduation party.

Review the security risks

A graduation party does not have a high-security risk like other high level events. It still requires safety precautions. Typical guests are friends and family. There might be other invited guests and you should consider the following;

  • Location– assess your venue to determine whether it is a high-risk area.
  • Media– determine whether there will be media present. You can also review the use of social media if it is a private event.
  • Performances– ensure performers do not pose security threats.
  • Attendees– identify the guests that might be controversial or are security risks.
  • Hosts– should be risk-free like the other guests.

Reviewing the risks will help you know the threats you have in your hands.

Reveal your security measures

Security measures should not be something to hide. For example, if you have a security guard patrol, let them wear their official uniform. It gives everyone peace of mind that they are safe at the party. It will agitate any criminals or disturbers that are looking to cause havoc. Hiding your security team makes agitators think that the party is risk-free. Your guests won’t be at peace.

Have security checkpoints

A security checkpoint is important so you can screen everyone who attends. It helps your security personnel to meet everyone entering the party. The security agents can prevent the sneaking in of items that are security threats, like weapons. You can have as many checkpoints as you need depending on the size of the venue or the security detail you require.

Maintain a guest list

If you are hosting a private party a guest list will help you have a detailed overview of the attendees. You can go the extra mile to match the IDs to your guest roll. It will ensure that you can verify the identity of every guest and register new ones. If you are unsure about a guest, do not let them into your party.

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Safeguard the party information

In case you are having a private party, you do not need to expose the details of the events in public. It will attract attention which might lead criminals to attend your party. Avoid posting private information on social media or websites.

Have an emergency plan

Security threats in an event are unpredictable, which makes an emergency plan compulsory. Your emergency plan should consist of the following;

  • Ways to direct guests in a commotion
  • A communication plan
  • An assembly point
  • Safe areas or rooms
  • Mass evacuation strategy

Final thoughts

Eliminating all security risks is impossible. The best you can do is to limit the risk of security threats at your graduation party. It also applies to other parties or events. If you feel that you can’t handle everything yourself, seek professional help. You can get a security guard patrol to help you assess risks, and watch checkpoints. They will also put in place an emergency plan.

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