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How Does Control4 Audio Work?

Control4 Audio

It’s easier than ever to bring studio-quality audio and surround sound capabilities into your household. With home automation systems like the Control4 Smart Home, user-friendly technology allows for a completely personalized intelligent home. This can let homeowners crank up the stereo while cranking up the heat, or control shades and security systems with just the help of a touch screen. Here are just some of what Control4 has to offer with its state-of-the-art technology.

Multi-Room Audio

If you’re looking into Control4 audio in Austin, TX, you’ll want to capitalize on the ability to be able to play music in any room or every room. With a Control4 automation system, you can stream your favorite playlist on full blast through the entire house or enjoy it while you’re lounging in the family room. All you need to do is adjust your smart home keypad settings to get your favorite music playing. The systems work with most major music streaming applications including Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

The Control4 system comes with incredible quality that an audiophile will love, with incredible detail and texture—just as the music was intended to be heard. It’s all in the palm of your hand, and you have the pleasure of accessing tunes at any time to play through your amp with crystal-clear sound. If you don’t feel like using your hands, you can even sync this music up with an Amazon Alexa or similar home devices with voice control to get the music playing with natural commands.

Home Theater Capabilities


Control4 Smart Home OS technology can connect with many of the technologies you have in your living room. It can elevate your existing setup to the home theater of your dreams. With the perfect ambiance, Control4 works with leading brands in audio systems like Dolby and Bose to make you feel like you’re back in the movie theater. It also syncs up with projectors and screens to allow you to air your feature presentation at your leisure and to the best adjustments for you and your company.

A tap of the “Movie” button on your Control4 smart home system will drop the screen down, dim the light, and queue the film to your enjoyment. This syncs up all of the key features of your home theater, replacing multiple remotes that slip through the couch with just one sleek, sophisticated unit that operates as a touch screen. It can even sync up with your home’s lights and thermostat to assure the utmost comfort while you’re enjoying your favorite movie. Just press play and you’ll be swarmed by the studio-level sound quality and an at-home experience you never thought was possible.

Smart Home Magic

Smart home

To enjoy a true smart home experience, it’s best to include just about all facets of your entire home to truly make things come to life at your fingertips or by the sound of your voice. With a Control4 automation system, you can have your household sync up from the thermostat in your bedroom to the audio speaker system in your living room. Smart home solutions allow you to have immediate access to your favorite streaming services, while not having to get off the couch to turn the lights off and enjoy your viewing.

A smart home technician will assist you in getting your Control4 system set up, and provide you with some peace of mind when it comes to how to approach proper use. This professional touch will help you to isolate your favorites for even quicker use, to make sure the key features that are most important to you and your entire family are the most accessible. Control4 is doing a great job of changing the way we look at smart home technology—from climate control to control of the audio ambiance.

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