Proven Solutions to Convert VCF to CSV in Easy Way

This article explains how to convert VCF to CSV on Windows with manual or by using VCF to CSV Converter. VCF (virtual contact file) and CSV (comma-separated values) are particular and common file types to store contacts. Moreover, a VCF file, also known as vCard, can contain the information of one contact or multiple contacts. So read this write-up to the end.

A Brief Introduction of VCF and CSV Files

VCF stands for virtual contact file, which is the internet standard for sharing contact information. It enables you to send contact information in a format that can be easily read in other email programs such as Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, etc. 

Whereas, a CSV file AKA, comma-separated values file, is a text file that has a specific format that allows data to be saved in a table-structured format. It is a common flat-file format that uses commas as a delimiter between values.

However, the problem with the VCF files is that they only capture information about loci where there is sufficient evidence in the sequence alignment to make a variant call. On the other hand, CSV files are plain text that is easier to import into a spreadsheet or another storage database, regardless of the specific software you’re using. So let’s move ahead to learn the methods to export VCF data into a CSV file.

Best Methods to Convert VCF to CSV 

Here, we are going to describe the manual and professional methods to convert vCard to CSV with 100% data integrity and authenticity.

Method 1: Use Windows Explorer to Export VCF to CSV 

Windows operating system provides a feature to save VCF contacts into CSV, so follow the below outlined steps.

  1. Open Windows Explorer in your system or press Windows key+E and navigate to your user directory followed by /contacts
  2. C:\Users\UserName\Contacts
  3. Now, click on the Import option from the top menu.
  4. Click on the vCard (VCF file) option from the import list, and click Import.
  5. Go to the VCF contacts file that you are required to import, here you can see every record of the contact. Click the OK button on each of them to import it. 
  6. Click on the Close button when you’ve finished importing your contacts.
  7. Now, choose the contacts you want to convert to .csv format or press Ctrl+A to select them all. 
  8. Then, click the Export button.
  9. Select Comma Separated Values (CSV) from the file formats menu and click the Export button.
  10. Provide a name and click the Browse button to set a destination to save the resultant file, then Next to proceed further.
  11. Finally, select the fields as per your need to export and click Finish.

This is a manual method by which you can convert your VCF files into CVS. However, it contains some demerits that can lead to serious damages if you make a slightest mistake. So in case this procedure won’t work for you, then you can also try the automated approach which is highly recommended by the professional and IT geeks.

Method 2: Convert VCF to CSV Using Third Party Solution

VCF to CSV Converter is a magnificent tool to convert any VCF file into CSV with ease and reliability. You can choose a single/multiple or a folder containing multiple VCF files to convert with any problem. Moreover, you can convert VCF to Outlook CSV, Google CSV, Yahoo CSV, and iCloud CSV. Try the free version of this tool that can save 20 contacts per folder.

Follow the Steps Below to Save VCF Files to CSV

  1. Download and Run VCF to CSV Converter on your system.
  2. Choose Add File(s) or Add Folder to browse the VCF file you require.
  3. Check the folders and click on them to preview the details, then click Next.
  4. Select the CSV option from the drop-down menu as your saving format.
  5. Set the destination to save the resultant file.
  6. Finally, click the Convert button to start the conversion process. 


In the above article, we have explained how you can convert VCF to CSV without losing any data. There are manual and professional methods that can export any VCF file. However, the manual method is quite lengthy and complicated for non-technical users. Therefore, we have also included an automated solution that allows users to convert VCF files into CSV in bulk. Well, all the above methods are reliable hence, you can choose any of them at your convenience.

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