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How to Unblock QQ Music Outside China

China is a country where have strict rules and regulations when it comes to viewing online content. Many popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are blocked in China. While in other countries, the government does not interfere with online activities. 

  Similarly, many of Chinese website that is geo-restricted and cannot be used and accessed outside china. If you are a Chinese music lover, and you love to listen to Chinese music, for you, it’s very hard to live without QQ music app. The QQ music app is a geo-restricted website, it blocked outside of china and if you want to use it outside China, for it you have to unblock it in your region with some tricks. On TME, we will help you with how to unblock QQ music outside China. 

What is a QQ Music app

It is launched by the Tencent company in 2004. QQ music is a free music streaming app available for android and ios users. User can use it on PCs, tablet and mobile platforms. For the Chinese public, it is available to download from play store, apple store. It is also downloaded from QQ music apk website. 

Using QQ music outside China

It is not so easy to accessing QQ music outside China, because your IP address will be checked. Your access shall be denied if the service identifies that you are connecting from outside china. For unblocking QQ music here is solution lies in getting a Chinese IP address or more. Specifically a VPN or proxy can help you. 

To change an IP address you can use either a VPN or a proxy and these techniques are quite similar in providing services, it is very easy to use on windows, iPhone and all other android ios devices, providing secure network masking. A proxy helps you only disguises your browsing, while a VPN works not only redirects the traffic, but it also provides a secure server.

 There are following some steps to unblock QQ music outside China:- 

  1. Select the best VPN service provider there are several free trials available, but in which may contain some ads that can be harmful or theft your online data. SO, you should go for a paid VPN is always a good option. 
  2. Download your selected VPN first and select Chinese VPN server to get connected. It will be allotted a Chinese in your device. 
  3. After download VPN service provider, your QQ music app on your device. 
  4. Now your QQ music will be unblocked, you can enjoy your favorite tracks on QQ music outside China. 

List of VPNs to access music outside China

Here we are presenting a list of VPNs that you can review to enjoy QQ music outside China. These VPNs sure help you get started streaming your QQ app. 

  1. Pure VPN:- It is a famous provider and Hong Kong-based VPN, for best coverage around the world. Including China, it allows you to connect to the server of over 140 countries. So doesn’t matter where you are, from any country you can easily access QQ music and keep enjoying. It is a fast and affordable VPN! This VPN service provider also offers good speeds for streaming content so you can listen to music, watch videos and much more. It gives you online freedom, it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. 
  2. Surfshark:- In the VPN industry it is like a newcomer Surfshark in short performing very well on the marker and success to getting amazing reviews from experts as well. You can test it for unblocking QQ music and it will give you a good response like a charm and you will enjoy its services. 
  3. Express VPN:- It is easy to use, quick and immense reliability. It can access any blocked website in China and always stay connected guaranteed access to QQ app. By the use of express access blocked Chinese website including QQ music app and enjoy your favorite Chinese tracks. 
  4. NordVPN:– NordVPN has features packed servers that help you to access any blocked website in the mainland. It has an amazing feature of double VPN, it is really useful in overcoming restrictions. Nord VPN app works outstanding in China be it QQ or anything else in Outside chins 

In the VPN industry many more VPN service providers like Lvacy, Private VPN, VyprVPN, Strong VPN, Trust Zone, TorGuard, etc. are available with some paid fee. But On TME we are suggesting to you the best VPN service providers and explained the process of how to QQ unblocked outside China.

On TME you might find out your existing VPN working properly outside China. So unblocked QQ music through a VPN is important to you. In this article, we try to give information about how to unblock QQ music app with the help of VPNs service provider outside China. We hope that these above will be helpful for you.   

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