How to Target Your Audience with Direct Mail

As one of the personalized and most effective forms of advertising, direct mail is an influential marketing method to communicate with the right people at the correct time with the precise message. It is difficult for marketers to keep in touch with consumers because of “Do Not Call” records, spam email issues, and hundreds of TV channels.

Direct mail comes in and performs the job perfectly in the following ways.

  • It is targeted: Direct Mail targets a smaller group of potential customers who have higher chances of responding to your offer, providing you more money due to increased sales.
  • It is personal: Through direct mail, you can address your clients by name, have an individual talk with them, and address their interests.
  • It’s tangible: With direct mail, you can physically put your message in the hands of your customers and stimulate interaction.
  • It is measurable: Among the few means of communication with which you can measure your promotion’s success is direct mail.
  • It is easy and economical: With some choices to minimize shipping costs, direct mail is an inexpensive way to lead the market.

Here are ways in which you can target your audience using direct mail.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Knowing your best clients is an important factor in directed direct marketing, and it prevents site abandonment. Site abandonment is when a customer loads up their shopping cart with your goods and then abandons your site without purchasing the items. Site abandonment and shopping cart abandonment are some of the highest value targets on your website. Certain technology allows you to capture the people who left the site without converting. 

target audience

Identifying clients’ basic data, such as men from 18 to 34 years old or women with children, is a good start. A more comprehensive understanding of your client’s profile, such as their buying and shopping behavior in other groups; their attitude towards products, trends, media, and marketing; or, their lifestyles can help you be even more efficient in both the lead selection and the mails you will use to communicate with them.

2. Focus on Your Ideal Customer

After you understand your consumers, you can utilize the data to create a specific list of prospective new leads. Directed direct mailing lists may be expensive, but are probable to result in the finest response rate and create loyal future clients.

The old procedure for direct marketing accomplishment was mass marketing: ‘Send the mail to as many persons as possible; someone must be interested. But paper and shipping costs are always on the rise, and with many mails ending up in the spam or trash box, companies have changed their minds.

Why spend so much money mailing everyone if not all are potential clients? You must target the potential customers who will purchase. That is the main difference between target and mass marketing. Specific mailing lists are targeted at your best prospects. There are minimal waste and a greater percentage of potential customers responding to your email.

3. Choose a Type of Mailing List

A direct mailing list for the success of your direct mailing program cannot be emphasized enough. The correct mailing list contains your most valued leads. The more cautious you are in selecting and analyzing direct mailing lists, the greater your likelihood of success. Currently, there are different mailing list categories available that vary in cost and suitability for the market.

make Your Email Campaign a Success

When considering what type of mailing list to purchase, consider these three types.

  • Personalized mailing list permits you to select client criteria that meet your requirements
  • Specialty list permits you to find your target group
  • Cloned list permits you to identify customers similar to your current best customers

4. Create a Mail

After you generate a mailing list, it’s time to make your direct mail account. The direct mail you create conveys your message. The mail represents what and who you are. Make sure it is consistent with the products you are selling. If you provide high-quality expert service, your direct mail should reveal that quality.

5. Personalize the Messages

Actual personalization is not limited to digital or email campaigns. Similar data may be translated directly to direct mail: gender, name, location, and previous purchases/donations can be factors you use to make your message more resonate with each demo and target audience.

The good news is that these may be small adjustments that result in the copy being more authentic for the person you are talking to, not necessarily rewritten or needing a whole new design. Most direct mailing services no longer charge for this type of personalization because it has turned to be very common. Combine outbound and inbound marketing by reaching all potential customers through direct mail as if making a private phone call.

Finally, direct mail marketing is one of the best campaign methods to apply in your business. You can target your audience using direct mail through understanding your customers, focusing on them, personalizing messages, selecting a mailing list, and creating a mail.

Author Bio: Amy Sloane is an alum from Oregon State University and spends her free time as a freelance writer and knitting enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly.

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