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10 Best and Free Email Services

10 Best and Free Email Services

In today’s technological world and in spite of social network buzz, email is the most common way of communication, whether it is for business or personal use. And free email service still remains the core of business communication on the Internet.

There are several email service providers in the market with their own unique capabilities and it is important to evaluate the best email services available and make a choice that suits your needs. We have noticed that many people are complacent with the email service provider they currently use.

People get glued to the free email service providers due they should also watch out of an effective spam filter, enough storage space, user-friendly interface, mobile access. If you haven’t explored other free email services, this may be the starting point for you.

Keep reading and this article will, in turn, help you to choose the best email service around. We have tried to highlight a few important features that may concern you and help you in selecting the best email service for you.

1. Gmail – a Google service that needs no introduction

Once becoming a popular and foremost choice in the email world, it has shown no sign of slowing down. Gmail is used for personal as well as business communications.

It is accessible through the web and using third-party programs. Gmail can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices. It allows you to share up to 25 MB through emails. Files greater than 25 MB can also be shared through Google Drive (another service offered by Google).


  • It is accessible from any device.
  • Undo Send for emails.
  • Provides security with two-step verification.
  • Supports many keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can use it in offline mode as well.

2. Yahoo Mail

An email service provided by Yahoo search engine. Yahoo Mail has good spam blocking capabilities and provides a good amount of storage space. It also provides Yahoo help center for customers who are facing some technical hiccups while using its products.


  • Best Spam filters.
  • Finding images, videos, and documents that are sent or received as an attachment is easier.
  • It allows you to search for key information from your inbox.
  • Blocking senders.
  • Yahoo Calendar connectivity for managing events.
  • The Yahoo Mail mobile app makes it easy for you to manage your emails while you are traveling.

3. AOL Mail

The mail service provided by AOL is also a free email provider. It provided many themes to choose, it allows you to import contacts in CSV, Txt formats. AOL help is the best platform to combat technical hindrances occurring with AOL mail. 


  • It allows you to undo the sent email. You can do this for the emails which are sent to other AOL addresses.
  • It helps you to manage your own AOL calendar.
  • You can customize several settings.
  • It provides virus protection.
  • It offers an in-browser sound alert.
  • Spell-check provided.

4. iCloud Mail

ICloud represents Apple’s venture into a free email and is the best email service provider for Mac users. It was launched in 2011. iCloud Mail provides a good cloud storage capacity and file-sharing capability. It is easy to set up and unsubscribe email.


  • It provides cloud storage for documents, photos, and music.
  • It allows you to download these files on iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.
  • Easy access to many products or services like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
  • It allows you to share files up to 5 GB.
  • Free online storage of 5GB.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are supported.


It is a free email service, which will let you select the domain name from a big list. It provides features like Virus protection and Spam Blocker. The mail collector feature gives more flexibility to its users.


  • It offers unlimited storage.
  • has an antivirus tool that protects your emails from viruses.
  • It provides a convenient way to access your Mail via smartphone.
  • Mail Collector feature allows you to collect emails from other accounts.
  • Import and export of data in the statistics and CVS formats.

6. GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a subsidiary of United Internet, one of Germany’s largest internet service providers.

It still comfortably makes the top ten of free email providers in terms of user numbers. It’s a surprising statistic and one which reveals the almost unassailable popularity of services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.


  • It provides attachment up to 50 MB.
  • GMX contains an online address book, which allows you to keep track of all your contacts.
  • It supports both IMAP and POP.
  • GMX contains an online address book, which allows you to keep track of all your contacts.

7. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is one of the newest providers on the list. In a short span of time, the service has quickly developed into one of the best free email providers outside Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook basket. It is clean and fast and offers protection against spam emails.


  • It has a control panel from where admin can change settings and make customization.
  • Option to add comments in email threads, share files, manage tasks, and tag your organization team.
  • You can integrate with Zoho CRM (Customer Relations Management) to manage your sales.

8. Proton Mail

Although Proton Mail is still a relative newcomer to the world of email. Proton Mail is an open-source and secure email service.


  • No personal information is required in order to create an email account.
  • It can be accessed on any device without installing the software.
  • Send and receive emails that are secured with end-to-end encryption.
  • No personal information is needed to create your secure email account
  • Proton Mail is optimized to help you better organize read, as well as send an email.

9. Yandex Mail

It provides good security options. With email service, it has several other features like timer, customizable interface, and access to other Yandex services.


  • Protection against Spam and fake emails.
  • Smart filtering of emails which means, emails coming from real people are highlighted.
  • It provides a built-in anti-virus.
  • It allows you to create tasks and task lists.

10. GMX Mail

GMX is not as well-known as the big names, however, it meets all your basic emailing needs. Message composition, contacts, organizers and more are all present and work well. It also has a couple of standout features, including the ability to directly import contacts from your social media accounts, that earns it a spot on our list of the best free email services.


  • GMX is one of the few free email providers that lets you directly import your Facebook contacts into your address book.
  • It has drag and drops functionality to manage your schedule.
  • GMX contains an online address book, which allows you to keep track of all your contacts.
  • It has strong email filter Rules that help you to keep your inbox clean.

In the end

This is all about the best email services and the unique services they are offering. All have decent free services, user-friendly interface, possibly with ads and some limits

In the ocean of free email services, which one is most suited for you depends on your requirements.

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