How To Start Making Money On A Blog All Ways To Monetize

In the modern world, the Internet is an integral part of the lives of many people. The World Wide Web allows its users to work and earn money in various ways. For example, the owners of their sites and blogs can monetize them.

To monetize your resource on the Internet, you need to know the list of tools that can be used to make money and the rules for their practical use.

There is to know about the advertising monetization model

As part of the monetization advertising model, you can use hundreds of more tools. They are physically impossible to list in one article, and it does not make sense. It is more important to understand something else – it is difficult to monetize a blog using advertising and every day it will be harder to earn.

How To Start Making Money On A Blog All Ways To Monetize

The effectiveness of commercial ads falls. Advertisers cut budgets. Revenues of publishers are declining.

Entering the market – monetization is for serious bloggers

Participation in the market is the only real alternative to the advertising model of blog monetization. The market scheme works like this: a blogger does what he writes about and gets paid for it. Here are two options.

First: a person first does some business. This may be a car repair shop, an online store, a manufacturing enterprise, a private clinic. Then the businessman creates a blog with which he shows the expertise and attracts customers. There is no need to go far for examples, right?

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The second option: a person creates a blog from which the business grows. For example, if a blogger writes about cosmetics or folk musical instruments, he can open an online cosmetics store or set up production of pipes and tubes.

Ways to monetize your blog

There are only two main ways to monetize a resource:

  1. Sale of advertising
  2. Participation in business

All other methods are somewhat doubtful, and instead of gain, only losses can be brought. Therefore, we do not advise you to take risks. Use traditional methods of earnings on the blog, and if you already have problems with finances, and you cannot pay the debt to the bank. Depending on what kind of obligation to the bank? You can use various methods to pay off debts and get rid of all the problems associated with debt.

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Now let us take a closer look at ways to help you start making money with a blog:


Selling advertising is one of the most popular and fastest ways to make money. To get cash in this case, you need to advertise on your blog. This may be banner advertising or article promotion. In the first case, a special advertising banner is placed on the site, and in the second, advertising links must be placed in the texts of articles or press releases.

Working with banner advertising, do not forget that many users put a block on advertising. It means that they will not see your advertisement. Consider this when you enter into a contract with the advertiser.

You can also earn money by placing contextual advertising on your website. While the user will read your article on liquid crystal TVs, ads on these TVs will be displayed on the side of the page. For clicks on it, you will receive money from advertisers.

Google AdSense will also be an excellent option for earnings. You can publish its ad units immediately after creating the site.

Partner programs

The principle of partner programs is that the owner of the blog places an ad unit or link on its resource. If visitors follow them and perform specific actions, the blogger receives a reward.

The History of tech worker

Thanks to the blog, Matthew Rodela quit his job and became an entrepreneur. Mat really wanted to open a computer repair store. However, he was scared to quit his job with a steady paycheck. Then Rodela began to blog about computers. The journal became popular, and the author had regular readers and potential customers.

In 2008, the man opened a workshop but continued to work in parallel to participate in employment. In 2011, he began to make enough money to leave work. Matthew still has a blog. You can find useful information in it about the repair and maintenance of computers. Rodela also teaches readers to open their own workshops.

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According to the blogger, logging helped him psychologically. The blog received hundreds of readers per day. Thanks to this, Matthew believed that he would find real customers.

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