Complete Guide – How to Make Money from Blogging Affiliates

You are not the one who is thinking to make money from websites or blogs. There are thousands of bloggers who are making money from there blogs and websites by various ways like Affiliate marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) also known as Cost Per Click, PPL ( Pay Per Lead), PPA (Pay Per Action), PPI (Pay Per Impression) etc. Read till the end to know and learn, How to make money from Blogging affiliates.

In this post I m going to share my past experience of earning online I understand you are thinking its easy to earn but no its not easy its a game of your mind how you use it but don’t worry it is easy but you just need some basics and you need a guide, and if you’re looking to Make Money from Blogging then this post is for you, Actually this not a post it is a complete guide How you can earn online through Blogging Affiliate.

Guide - How to Make Money from Blogging Affiliates

This post is complete guide read it carefully it is going to give you a lot of ideas and proposal to make money using your blog. Read this post to know the ways of earning using your blog being an affiliate marketer or using PPC, PPI, PPA, and others.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The relationship between a merchant and the advertiser is called Affiliate Program. The advertiser uses several ways to promotes the product and services of their merchant and the merchant pays the advertiser for a click, lead and sale and every time a visitor moves from the affiliate site to the merchant’s site affiliate earn a commission.

The benefit that both parties earn (affiliate/publisher and merchant) from this type of marketing is called an affiliate program. By using this network merchant use different tools to manage various affiliates who are working to promote his or her product and services. And merchant can easily calculate affiliates commission and conversion rates by using multiple tools.

By using this network affiliate gets a tool where he can detect the more profitable product and can get better revenue and affiliate gets an idea which product is better is for him or her for the profitable commission and to choose additional products related to his or her niche.

Paying models used by blogging affiliate networks

Payment models or methods used by different blogging affiliate networks are mentioned below

How to Make Money from Blogging Affiliates

1. Pay Per Action: 

This type of method is usually very straight forward. In this type affiliate is paid for every move that a visitor makes from the affiliate link to merchants site for some specific requirement that visitor makes like signing up a form, giving his Email address and etc.

2. Pay Per Click: 

This is the simplest way to earn revenue, we don’t need to work hard just need some advertisement that we can display on our website. A visitors come looks the advertisement and click on that visitors will move to the merchant site either he/she buy something or not affiliate will earn a profit. This type of method is very popular used by merchant and blogger to earn money.

3. Pay Per Impression: 

The most popular way of compensation; pay for this action is generally lower but affiliate needs to do this and need to provide space to the merchant to post his/her banners and ads. And affiliate is paid when banners or ads are viewed.

4. Pay Per Sale: 

As far as pay per sale is concerned; this is the most profitable method in this action is not only a click is required to move to the merchant site by an affiliate link. Visitors need to actually buy something otherwise affiliate would not get any revenue.

    How to Choose the right Blogging Affiliate Network to Generate Revenue from the blog:

    As mentioned above there are several methods to earn money online now its upto you which method you select, if you select Pay Per Click then there are different advertisement companies paying good commission the most popular company is Google Adsense there rules and regulations are very strict and there are some parameters you need to follow to get ads.

    Choose the right Blogging Affiliate Network

    But in other words its not too hard to approve in it you have to just obey its terms and conditions like Unique Quality posts, About Us page, Contact Us page, Terms of Use Page, at least 2 to 3 months domain age and some organic traffic. Except this there are several Advertisement companies which you can use as PPC. The list of some esteemed PPC site are listed below.

    1. Infolinks
    2. Chitika
    3. (owned by Yahoo & Bing)
    4. Bidvertiser
    5. Vibrant Media
    6. Click Booth

    So if you select pay per click method then only online advertisement companies the source of income but its not compulsory that you can earn from one method you can even select all of above to earn money like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Action, Pay Per Sale.

    5 Most Popular Blogging Affiliate Networks:

    For earning from these places first you need a Blog a website, you can develop a blog from various service providers but i suggest you to read this Essential Steps to Develop WordPress Blog in just Minutes

    #1) Amazon Affiliate

    Amazon is one of the most famous online shopping website, this is the only website on which its very easy to turn a visitor into a customer because they provide quality products and services there category includes Clothing and Jewelry, Books and Audibles, Sports, Electronics and Computers, Baby and Kids Toys etc.

    Amazon Affiliate

    They have more then 1 million products and pays upto 10% commission on every sale through affiliate marketing. The benefit of this affiliate is that you can select a product according to your niche.

    #2) Clickbank Affiliate

    Click Bank is similar to the Amazon its also a online shopping website and is the high rated website till the time who deals with the digital products. This affiliate network allows you to promote the products according to your niche, When a visitor comes to your website he/she wont feel that you’re promoting someones product on your blog or website they will feel that you’re providing them something that they need.

    Click bank Affiliates

    This will help you to generate more leads. Clickbank provides a good score on each sale of there product and they saw the sale that affiliate makes in the last 8 weeks, this also helps them to promote there product.

    #3) Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate

    Commission Junction is another vast platform of product selling and growing day by day, it have the system for growing the visibility and performance that is very authentic and powerful. Affiliates which are interacted with online business want to know about CJ (Commission Junction).

    CJ is the one of the enormous developed affiliate marketing website in North America, that is working and treated by worldwide. This huge platform owned by ValueClick, that is famous for highly Professional generation.

    Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliates

    Commission Junction is such a profitable online platform, and has large number of products/varieties through which you can easily select your desired product to generate revenue related to your niche. If the advertiser approves your website to advertise and promotes there product, then youll be known as Publisher and youll be able to display and post advertisement/ads onto your site, after that whenever you get a click or make sale youll earn your commission.

    CJ is full of magic like it provides you the multiple ways to advertise and promotes your affiliate like in the shape of including text, banners, buttons, images and much more. One more incontrovertible thing they are running Pay-Per-Call affiliate program to help affiliates to earn commission on every successful lead generation. CJ also based on highly unbreakable and secure affiliate payment process system.

    #4) ShareASale Affiliate

    Share A Sale is another way to earn money through an Affiliate Network, it is the oldest site where more then 4000 affiliates working to promote their products and services. They provide opportunity to affiliates to promote their products according to affiliates niche.

    This is the easiest way to find additional products which is related to your main topic or a niche. ShareASale is a well reputed company and, are receiving great reviews regarding their products as well as services from their affiliates and customers.

    ShareASale Affiliates

    If youre running a blog or a website and want to increase revenue then this is a great opportunity to promote SAS products which is relatively more convenient then other affiliates to get.

    #5) Affiliate Window

    AW is the most popular and award winning website all over in UK and more then 75,000 affiliates are affiliated to their website promoting their products, Its popularity is gradually increasing in US and Canada as well.

    This company provide high commission rates to their affiliates based on mobile and web analysis tools. They provide commission to the affiliates based on different actions like Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Action, Pay Per Impression and these action are more mirroring then Pay Per Click scenario.

    Affiliate Window

    Affiliate Window uses 2 different strategies for both Publisher and Advertisers to run this whole network that includes ShopWindow and ContentWindow. Shop Window is basically comparison tool or an engine that carries more then 5 million products. Content Window carries gadgets with products and services to take website content in an equilibrium state. There are many other blogging affiliate network present.

    Secrets of Blogging Affiliate Marketing:

    The above mentioned guide is basically the introduction to the affiliate marketing moving further we will be uploading complete guides from what to why, from SEO to WordPress Plug-in, how to select the products related to the niche and also how to select additional products and services of a merchant website to promote.

    You can increase your chance to make a sale by increasing you organic/natural traffic. In clear words more traffic mean more sale and more compensation and low traffic mean youre going to kill the sale by every passing day hence result dying revenue.

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    Which ever network you use for the compensation from online world either it is affiliate marketing or its Advertisement you must follow different guidelines and your blog or your website should be at a certain parameter to get approved for affiliate marketing and for advertisement companies.

    Make Money from Blogging Affiliates

    Tips to Get Approved for Blogging Affiliate networks

    1. Apply SEO to your Website (Learn about: Moving With Latest SEO Trends and techniques)
    2. Write user friendly content
    3. Use Videos and Graphics/Photos in Posts
    4. Gain some Customer Trust
    5. Chose Responsive Template for your Blog
    6. Create a Professional Landing Page for your Website

    Conclusion- Blogging affiliates:

    Affiliate Marketing is a very big network and millions of people are working and are earning as well through this network which helps both the merchant and publisher to generate revenue in several ways. Not only these two people earn but also a visitor (customer) feels reliable, instead of going anywhere visitors feels safe while shopping online where visitor can differentiate between million of quality product.

    Blogger can get reviews about different products on daily bases which helps both a merchant and a advertiser to make their products and services more reliable. I really worked hard to gather the data like what up to date tactics market use and to write down this post, If you like this post I highly appeal you to share this informative post with your friends and relatives using Social Media.

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