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How to Make Your Backyard Cozy for winter.


It’s winter and everyone wants to stay indoors. This is understandable because of the harsh weather conditions, the fact that it gets dark rather early and all you want to do is stay in your bed curled up under the sheets. However, winter does have a great view and if you are going to watch kids play in the snow, you may need to spend time outdoors. 

Wondering how to make your Backyard Cozy for winter? Read on. Also, check out these antique daybeds for winter!

A cozy backyard for winter

The idea of a habitable outdoors for winter isn’t utopian. It can be relatively achieved with a couple of items you already own and even if you may need to purchase some, you wouldn’t be taking a financial nosedive.

The trick is to first highlight whatever it is you detest about the outdoors during winter.

Does it get dark earlier? The cold? Of course. Mites? The view?

After analyzing the challenges, you can go on to proffer solutions.

For winter, the major problem happens to be the weather situation and no one wants to catch a cold, hence, for a cozy backyard during winter, you would need the following;

  1. An Outdoor Rug; preferably one with many layers for when the temperature largely drops. This rug is for the patio as a lot of them are made of concrete and could be frigid during the winter.
  2. A Fire Pit; for the winter, a fire pit outside or a heater could make your stay outdoors much pleasurable on so many levels. Not only is heat regulated for a cozy feeling, but you also have lesser chances of catching a cold.
  3. Throw Pillows; pillows spell comfort and comfort is equivalent to the coziness of any place. Sheepskin throw pillows or cashmere pillows as opposed to silk pillows or plain cotton would make your backyard or patio feel like heaven during the winter
  4. A large Blanket; of course you would need a large blanket for the winter indoors, but if you plan on staying outdoors a bit often you should keep a permanent one outside of the furniture. The blanket should be as thick as possible, you will sure need it.

Another problem with staying outdoors in the winter is the fact that it gets dark rather quickly.

For this, getting lights done around the backyard is largely recommendable. Could always have bulbs placed in strategic corners, but then it becomes all too bright and takes away the beauty of the night. Instead, you could have lanterns placed all around your backyard or string lights. String lights, preferably if you have trees in your backyard.

Taper the string lights around your bushes, patio extensions, and yes, trees for a warmer look even in the winter.


There are further ways to make your backyard cozy for the winter, the trick is to find out your challenges during the winter and then work towards solving them. Also, another trick is to start early! Enjoy your winter!

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