Hide Private Files and lock folder with MyLockbox & trick to Recover MyLockbox password

If you own a PC or laptop and you have some very Important Files in any formats and you want those files to be out of the reach of the temporary visitor or your family members. It may be any video of “you playing or exercising with your kids” or Doc file, an audio or a zip/archive file. Any files in any format and sizes can be secured easily.

My Lockbox‘, this is the software you need. This software is available in two versions, free and premium version. The free version is enough for hiding everything in one folder. Installing this software is easy, by just following the instructions. Let us see how you can use it.

Keep your private files in a folder and lock folder with a password

My Lockbox enables you to hide and lock almost any folder on your computer by password protection. You can use My Lockbox to hide your private files securely. Your files will be not accessible both from local and remote users.

Download ‘My Lockbox’ free version from here. This link is from the official site.

How to hide and lock folder with a password

During the installation of My Lockbox, you will be asked to provide the location of the protected folder. On completion of the installation, your folder will become hidden and locked. You can Lock/Unlock directly through hotkeys.
The main benefits of MY Lockbox are:

  • It is very easy to use and is a lightweight small software.
  • Supports Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) including 64-bit editions.
  • Very convenient user interface available in more than 10 different languages;
  • Hotkey and shortcut keys combinations for basic actions. 
  • There are no limits on the size of the protected data even in the free version.
  • No one can uninstall My lockbox without the password.
  • It also works in Windows safe mode.
  • Free edition protects one folder only and the Professional edition protects an unlimited number of folders.
  • Renaming any upper-level folders would not show the protected files.
  • Almost any folder on your computer can be password protected except system-critical folders, e.g. C://Windows.
  • The password can be retrieved easily. Learn How to Recover Lockbox files and password or uninstall it from PC
lock folder with password

So this software is perfectly useful for every user who needs protection over their private files. Use ‘my lockbox’, to ensure that your every important file is safe and beyond the reach.

My Lockbox password recovery trick to uninstall or get data back

You may have installed a lockbox and forgot your password which prevents you from uninstalling it or open your locked files. Here is a quick trick that helps to recover or rather saying reset the lockbox password. Follow these steps.

 Recover LOCKBOX password or unistall it

My lockbox password recovery trick

Go “START MENU” then to “RUN” in the box enter the following with the inverted comma “”, remember with comma. Just copy the below address as it is, and press ENTER or click OK.

“C:Program FilesMy Lockboxmylbx.exe” /recovery

Here you may have to change the address if your lockbox is installed elsewhere. If this doesn’t work change the address and do it again maybe your address is “C:Program Files (x86)My Lockboxmylbx.exe” /recovery” So try this & if your installation path is different, use yours & then hit Ok.

To find the address, refer to the image below.

  Go to your C drive or whichever drive your software is installed and find the My Lockbox folder inside it. Now copy the address and paste the address as shown using RUN command.

My lockbox password recovery trick

Now you have reset your Lockbox you will notice that your hidden file has been free. Open your lockbox again it will give a pop up where you have to give a new password, enter a new password, confirm it. So you can now uninstall Lockbox simply. After changing the password it will ask you to add folder and files to Lockbox, now it’s up to you to add.

Thank you for reading this post. Ask your questions in the comment section.

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