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How to mass rename files and folders in Windows

There are some situations when you need to rename files or folders in bulk. Mass files rename is not an easy task. We have to click on each file and then rename the multiple files. In Window, there is the best bulk renamer software that can rename almost any kind of files and folders easily. Whether you have to add extensions to multiple files or add some words in front of all the files or folders, everything is very easy and takes only a few clicks.

mass rename files and folders on Windows

The software which we are using is Bulk rename utility. This software comes for Windows. There is also a “No-Installer” files for all platforms, which I don’t understand. I will talk about the windows version of this software. .

Bulk rename files and folders on Windows

After downloading the software from the above link. Install it, the process is similar to other normal software. After the installation has completed you will find a new option in the right click context menu which can be used to rename the files and folders easily. 

To mass rename files 

Open the bulk rename utility by pressing windows key and search bulk rename utility. Click on the software and open it. In the demo below, I have a folder with many files in it. All the files are extensionless means they don’t have any extensions. Now I have to add .jpg to all of them. So firstly I will open the software and in the left box, I will navigate to the folder where my files are located.
Now I on choosing the folder all the files and folders inside that folder are shown in the right panel. Refer the image below for better understanding. I have selected all the files inside my folder in the right panel. Now I have added extension name (jpg) without dot in the extension option as shown below. After addition of an extension, you will find the new name column in the right panel which shows a demo of all the selected files after renaming.
mass rename files and folders on Windows
To Rename the files simply click on the RENAME button at the bottom right side. All the files will be renamed instantly. So in this way you can mass rename files on Windows. You can also do many other things like Move, copy, replace, paste, add, numbering, append folder names, character translation, change file timestamp, change file attribute, copy/move to another location, filter files and folders. To learn more about the options, features and its use download the PDF manual of the Rename utility from here.
You can also remove the extension of the multiple files and add the new extension. This can be done using the extension option by choosing the remove in the drop-down menu and press Rename button. So you can use this software as file extension changer to change extensions in mass. See image below. 
file extension changer - remove files extension in bulk
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