How to Build a Successful On-demand Food-Delivery App like Swiggy?

With the meal delivery trends always on rise, online food delivery is emerging as a promising business idea across the globe. And with the advent of mobile-app technology, small as well as big restaurants and bakeries are venturing into the online food ordering business to take their sales to the next level. 

Additionally, Millennials are also contributing to the growth of the online food ordering market. A majority of tech-savvy Millennials prefer using their smartphones to find out easy food options and get the food of their choice delivered at their doorstep; this is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of the food delivery app. 

An on-demand app development offers a lot of benefits to restaurants as well as consumers. Here are some noteworthy benefits offered by food delivery apps:

  • Online food ordering apps are fast, easy to use, and just one click away.
  • It helps food businesses reach out to more customers.
  • Food delivery apps not only facilitates efficient order management but also helps restaurants manage their customers better.
  • It enables customers to place orders when it is most convenient for them.

Considering the benefits cited above, one can easily deduce that a food delivery app is a wise investment for food businesses. 

Nevertheless, to help you generate more orders and higher profits, a recipe boxes Ireland delivery app should offer multiple impressive features; this is why restaurants of all sizes are hiring the best app developers to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly growing online food delivery services market.

Now let’s shed light on how you can create a successful and visually appealing on-demand food delivery app: 

1. Admin Panel:

An on-demand food delivery app cannot function without the admin panel. This crucial feature enables restaurants to set prices and accept orders from customers, besides helping restaurants manage customers, as well as their orders.

2. Simple User Interface (UI):

A quality food delivery app must have a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. An app with simple UI attracts more customers and allows them to place orders with ease. Additionally, make sure you have an interactive on-demand food delivery app that can be used on multiple mobile platforms.

3. Push-Notifications:

An efficient on-demand food delivery app allows you to send push-notifications to keep your customers engaged in real-time. Push-notifications not only allow you to enlighten your customers about special offers and discounts but also helps you achieve your conversion goals and ensure regular income.

4. Relevant Information:

Make sure your food delivery app offers detailed information about different restaurants, including the nutritional value of each food item, along with the food preparation and delivery time, to keep customers engaged.

5. Multi-Payment Integration:

An effective on-demand app must offer multiple payment options as the Millennial customers prefer using digital payment options to cash payment. Therefore, make sure your food delivery app offers multi-payment options, such as PayPal, GooglePay, Amazon Pay, iOS Wallet, and Credit/Debit Card payment to your customers.

6. Real-time GPS Tracking:

A sophisticated on-time food delivery app must offer live food tracking features to help customers keep tabs on the status of their orders in real-time. This feature helps your customers ensure if their order has been confirmed by the restaurant. It also helps them track if the order is ready for pick up and if the delivery person has left the restaurant with their food order.

7. Customer Ratings and Reviews:

Make sure your on-demand food ordering app allows your customers to rate every restaurant and add reviews about the quality of food served by different food joints, or about the conduct of the delivery man assigned for delivering the food. Positive reviews by customers go a long way in enhancing your brand reputation. What’s more, you can also eliminate restaurants having multiple negative reviews to maintain your brand’s reputation.

8. Order History:

Other than the features highlighted above, your food delivery app should also allow your customers to view their past orders so that they can repeat the same order without having to search the dishes and restaurants time and again.

Parting Thoughts

Security, personalization, and visual appeal are no doubt, the three indispensable factors for the success of food-delivery apps. Apart from these three factors, the features cited above play a key role in enhancing the functionality of a food ordering app, thus leading your food business to success. 

However, before venturing into the online food delivery business, you need to do a lot of planning and research to find out winning ideas to stay ahead of the curve. For example, you need to create an extensive database of food-joints in your targeted location, and have an efficient sales team to help you partner with food joints that are willing to leverage your app for generating business.

At the same time, your app should be robust enough to manage a huge database of restaurants. Therefore, make sure you hire proficient app developers having having adequate experience in their domain. What’s more, before launching the app, you also need to test it thoroughly to assess its reliability, performance, usability, compatibility, security, etc. Once you are done with the software testing phase, it’s time to promote your app as much as possible before launching the same on the Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store.

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