How Can You Open PST Files Without Outlook? Quick and Easy Method

Introduction: Hello guys! Do you have a query “How do I view a PST file?”, If you have, then Don’t worry we are here to resolve your query. You are on the right platform here you will get a detailed guide to open PST files without Outlook. Here we will discuss all the supposed methods related to the objective. The manual approach and the professional approach are the most prominent approaches. Let’s have a look for a little introduction to the PST file.

PST File: It stands for Personal Storage Table file, and is a file format used by Outlook to store various types of data, including emails, calendar events, tasks, etc. It is a database file that holds a user’s mailbox data of Outlook. PST files store the data on a user’s local drive of the computer. Sometimes, users want to open a PST file without installing Outlook on their PC. So keep reading this article completely. If you think “Can I read a PST file without Outlook?” Then this article holds the proper solution to your problem. 

Why It is Require to Open PST files without Outlook

There are many reasons why the user needs to read .pst files without Outlook, we will discuss them one by one 

  • If you share your PST file with someone. But the receiver doesn’t have the Outlook. In this case user will need to open PST without Outlook
  • If the user wants to see their old PST files but, is not an Outlook user now. 
  • If you are sharing a device and want to open a PST but you don’t have Outlook installed on the PC.

These are some special scenarios when the user is required to read PST file without Outlook. Now it is only two main options left to the user either he converts their PST file into another file format or he can use an automated tool to open PST without Outlook.

How to Open PST Files Without Outlook?

There are many ways available to open or read .pst file without Outlook but we will share with you the most relevant method according to your suitability. We will use the PST to TXT method.

Open PST Files Emails in the TXT File Format.

You can use this method in this method we will convert the .pst emails into the .txt file format and then we can send this file to anyone who doesn’t have Outlook installed. We have mentioned step by step-by-step process to convert in .txt format and view pst files without Outlook.

  • First of all open Outlook.
  • Secondly, Choose all the emails that you want to send or view.
  • Then go for File on the top.
  • Now you will see that your selected emails have been saved into .txt file. 

Once your .pst file gets converted you can read or open .pst without Outlook.

Professional Method to Open PST Files Without Outlook

We will recommend you the most reliable tool. You can use the best third-party tool the DRS PST Viewer Tool. It is the best software to open PST files without MS Outlook. The utility allows you to access corrupt and damaged Outlook PST files and you can get easy access to your inaccessible PST data with the help of this PST viewer open-source tool. This tool will show you complete mailbox items like drafts, sent inboxes, trash, etc. It provides all the advanced features to read PST file without Outlook. Now we will see the steps to read Outlook PST file without Outlook.

  • Download the PST Viewer Tool.
  • Now, click on the Open button and press Browse to add the desired PST file.
  • Choose all the Outlook files and click the Open button to add them.
  • Now, Select the Recovery mode as per your requirement.
  • Click on the OK button to initiate the PST scanning.
  • After that, you can see the file content

Your process has been completed, Now you can easily view PST files without Outlook. The manual approach comes with the complexity and risk of data alteration. If you are not able to perform all the steps properly


In this article, we have shared reliable methods to open PST files without Outlook. The manual approach is easy to perform but comes with few limitations. Therefore, we have shared an alternative solution. This method provides 100% accurate results in less time. It is easy to use and less time-consuming process. You can go with that without any concern about the data integrity.

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