Finding Windows 10 Product Keys in PC: Where and How

Finding Windows 10 Product Keys in PC

With Microsoft products, we remain assured about simplification at its best. All MS software is user-friendly. It’s the most compatible and advanced compared to others. Every series of MS Windows have performed so well and majorly used all over the world. The same applies to the recent Operating system, Windows 10. Even if we talk about its licensing, Microsoft has put huge efforts to make it more convenient for its users. However, you need to first activate the product, but all said and done, it might not work as per your plan. It depends on how you have got your Windows 10. You might require your Windows 10 license to work on your new PC or while reinstallation, you must have Windows 10 Product Keys. Let’s find out the way to your Windows 10 Product Keys for your PC.

The Official Way: Online purchase of MS Windows 10 Product Keys

As said, it’s the official way to get the product key. When you buy Windows 10, you get a complete package where you get the product key included. Windows 10 when purchased from a physical store, is a licensed one to get downloaded. There are only two authorized stores where you can buy Windows 10; one is Microsoft store itself and the other one is the online marketplace Amazon.com. You get a digital copy of the product that can be downloaded. You might get some retailers who promise to sell the authorized Windows 10, but they are not genuine. You might end up getting cheated by getting MSDN key which is invalid and not licensed.

However, when you buy Windows 10 from a Microsoft store, you are getting a licensed product key. Microsoft sends you the Product Key of Windows 10 through email. However, whether you use it from your email, you can always log in to your Microsoft account and download it from there. Below is the process for those who are new to it.

Go to MS Store > Downloads > Product Key > Go to the Subscription Page > Digital Content.

Now click the tab that says Digital Content, you will find all your purchases. You will find your Product Key as well here.

Likewise, those who have bought Windows 10 from Amazon can find their product keys in “Your Games and Software Library” page of the Amazon website.

The Retail store Way: Where to find Product Key

Windows 10 is also available to authorize retail stores as a full packaged product for retail. When you acquire Windows 10 in the retail packed box, you will get the Windows 10 product key written in a separate small Business Card like paper inside the box. Make sure you retrieve your Product Key first hand and keep it safe for using it again in case you require it in the future. You might take a picture of it and save in on your mobile or email and likewise. A product key is not the thing to use frequently but when you need it, you need it badly.

A New PC: Locate your Windows 10 Product Key 

When you buy a New Computer, it comes with a preloaded Windows 10 which is a licensed one. The Product key in such cases remains in firmware. In such PCs, you have to retrieve the product key from your PC with certain commands. Follow the below instructions.

Press Window key together with X > click on Windows Powershell(Admin) > now write the path within the command prompt box “ wmic path Software Licensing Service get OA3xOriginalproductkey”

You will get the Product Key written inside the Command box.

Windows 10 Pro: Where to Find the Product Key

Windows 10 Pro is the upgrade of Windows 10. However, you need to install that on your computer and need a Product key. When you buy a Pro from an easy upgrade option, you didn’t get the Product key. Here you get a digital license for that. It is provided within your Microsoft account where you have all the details about your purchase. You can Troubleshoot and transfer the Windows 10 Pro Pack in another PC.

Windows 10 Pro Pack key: for your New PC

This is a very simple process. I am sure you might have gone through a similar process once at least. However, just in case any of you need it, then please follow the below steps.

Go to Settings> Now to “Update and Security” > Click “Activation” > Go to “Troubleshooter”. Meanwhile,  log in to your Microsoft Account used for product purchase and wait for troubleshooting to get completed. When it gets completed, you will get a prompt for “digital license” indicator in your Windows 10 for Pro Pack. Now, click on the “Activate Window” option. The prompt will guide you through the activation path, step by step; you just need to follow quick few steps.

PC Machine Chassis may carry the Product Key 

Mostly the Windows 10 Product Keys are found outside package of your computer. However, you should always check in case your PC Machine carries a sticker of your Product Key. It normally happens when you are buying it from local vendors depending upon the kind of PC and the kind of packaged product you have bought. In case you find one then take a snap and save it for your further requirements.

Visit site to have a clear idea and perception about finding the product key for windows 10. It is an engaging and impressive operating system to use. 

Support from Microsoft

Even after so much of care and preservation, you find there is any difficulty in finding product key; or you have lost the key; Microsoft can support you. There is an online chat option available on the Microsoft site. You can put your queries there and get it solved. However, the support facility is provided only to the customers who have genuine Microsoft products. Even if you have used free upgraded version then Microsoft does not support your software. Only those customers are welcome who have legally purchased Microsoft software and upgrades.

So, friends, it’s always advisable not to lose your Product Key, the lifeline of your Windows 10 operating systems and upgrades.

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