How to Remove Watermark of Activate Windows 10

Remove Watermark of Activate Windows 10

You might have seen the watermark stating “Activate Windows 10” in the corner of your PC. I am sure you would have felt annoyed with that. You may find yourself browsing through your favorite websites, enjoying your stay on the internet world, but as you click through your browser, you may also notice that you just can’t seem to get that annoying sign to disappear, leaving you helpless as it haunts the corner of your eye. There’s no doubt about the fact that a windows 10 watermark can be frustrating and can decrease the amount of fun you have as you do your daily tasks on your computer. There is, however, a trusty solution to make it disappear, which will allow you to return to the fun internet activities without the sign looming over you everywhere you scroll. Let’s see what we can do to remove it from your PC.

Windows Activation: What is it?

Installing Windows 10 on your PC free of cost doesn’t let your operating systems work without a genuine license from Microsoft. Once you install a free one it checks the authenticity of the product from Microsoft and asks for a Product Key to activate the Windows 10 in your PC. When you buy a PC with built-in Windows 10, you will get the product key along with it. However, there is an option to get a digital license too from the Microsoft Official website using your account details and paying the price for the product.

When you use an unactivated Windows, you might find it working fine with certain limitations of features. Since it comes free people use it when the limited features don’t hamper their required work environment. However, the little buzzing watermark of “Activate Windows 10” is annoying; as it keeps on coming. A few limitations you go through with arrangement is, that finding yourself to use items in the “Personalization” category of the Settings. Well, we can’t do much about it but we can remove the annoying watermark from your PC. Let us see how.

Verify the Activation Status of your PC: The First Step to Remove the Watermark

Finding the status of your activation is just a few minute’s matters. Go through the below steps.

Go to the Settings > click Update and Security > Now check Activation

This will tell you the exact reason for the appearance of the Watermark and accordingly, we can work on that. Following are some of the common reasons for the occurrence of watermark

Product Key Requirement

The very first and common reason to get that watermark is the absence of the genuine product key. While reviewing the activation status of your PC, you get a notification to enter a valid Product key. Check, whether you have a valid Product Key or not. There are chances that after upgrading your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, you forgot to enter the Product key. You might have not noticed any problem while working on the upgraded Operating System. However, there is still a requirement to enter a valid product Key even if you have already done that while using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Also, if you have installed the fresh copy of Windows 10 and have not entered a valid Product Key, you need to enter that to run an obstacle-free and watermark-free working environment for your PC. In case, you have upgraded your OS to Windows 10 you could use your previous OS keys; that is of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. You could find that on your PC. In most of cases, it works. If it doesn’t work, then buy a genuine license from the Microsoft website. Now enter the 25 digits valid Product Key in your activate window option provided in activation space as stated above. It will remove the watermark.

Try Activation Troubleshooter: Run and see the result

Many times we do so many changes with the internal parts of the computer that it loses its identity. Whenever you activate any genuine operating system like Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, all the internal components work in tune with each other and there is an internal tie among the components. So when you do any major change or frequent changes the internal set up gets hampered, as the components couldn’t recognize each other to work in tune with themselves.

In such a scenario the watermark “Activate Windows 10” starts getting popped up again and again. To resolve this problem, run your computer’s Windows Activation Troubleshooter. Follow the below steps.

Go to Setting > Update and Security > Activation > Troubleshoot > click on “I changed the hardware on this device recently” > Go to the Prompt from Microsoft to log in to your Microsoft Account.

Now you can find out the purchased product key and go through the activation process while entering the valid product key. You are done now; however, this works only when you have a genuine Microsoft Product.

Enterprise Activation: A Possibility you should check

This problem occurs when your PC is connected to your organization’s server. In such a working environment, there are fair chances that you lose connection with your enterprise server. Though it occurs rarely as they are meant to be foolproof but it can happen. When it happens, it shows the “Activate Windows 10” watermark. Follow the below steps

Go to Setting > Update and Security > Activation; in here you will see the message stating “We cannot activate Windows on this device because we cannot connect to your organization’s activation Server”

When this shows up, you need to reconnect your PC to your organization’s server. Afterward, activate your Windows 10. You might need a VPN support for this.

Buy a New Product Key: The last resolution

As stated above if you don’t confront the three reasons mentioned, you need to buy a genuine product key from Microsoft. You will get a licensed 25 digit key to enter into your PC and activate it. There is an option even in your PC’s activation Menu. Follow this

Go to Setting > Activation Menu > Go to Store. Here you will get the various buying option; select as per your budget and requirement and activate your Windows 10.

However, if you find the product pricy here, you always have the option to check through various authorized retailers on the price and product range. Buy from them, install Windows 10 on your PC and activate it while entering the valid Product key provided.

There is one more way to remove the watermark “Activate Windows 10”. You can download and install a tool called “Universal Watermark Disabler”. When you do this your computer will shut off and restarts on its own. You will find that the watermark is gone.

So, whatever your reasons are, to get the unwanted watermark, opting for the above methods will resolve your problem.

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