Here’re the factors that Make Custom Android App Development Popular

By 2020, it’s expected that mobile app market and revenue will grow up to approx. $189 billion. This shows how mobile app development has become one the fastest growing sectors in the industry.

In the mobile space, Android has emerged as one the leading and largest platforms. Today almost 85% of Android smartphones and 65% of tablets are being used all over the globe. So what makes Android so popular? – Android is an open source mobile operating system. That’s the reason why mobile device manufacturers are completely relying on this OS as they are able to leverage this emerging mobile OS in their mobile devices. In turn, this has resulted in popularity and global acceptance of the Android, thus generating huge and immense opportunities for the businesses that are having Android app. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of custom Android app development:

It offers the perfect solution for Business Needs and Helps in Meeting their challenges
A proficient Android app development team can help you effectively offer the best services and solutions for the various distinctive requirements of brands and businesses. However, there are various customized and cost-effective solutions already available in the market but they are not optimized in the way different businesses need them.

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And that’s why every business is choosing Android for matching their specific business requirements. The custom mobile app development process and methodologies allow Android app developers to add value and desired customization to the solutions in order to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

Factors that Make Custom Android App Development Popular

Helps in saving Time and Money

Since its launch, brands and businesses have the option to purchase top-notch and customized solutions but that doesn’t mean that they are the cost-effective solution. In both the scenarios, the cost required for an app is almost similar.

The custom Android app development enables businesses and developers to freely add desired and customized features. So investors could invest only in those functionalities and features that they really need.

Few Intricacy and Compatibility Challenges

A custom Android app is built from the scratch while considering all the end-users requirements. And when an app gets designed from the scratch, developers could easily work with every possible detail as well as make them flawless and compatible with the other business apps, too. Also, these customized solutions require a very little guidance to learn working with these new solutions.

More Secured

Android is no more a susceptible OS now. With each passing year, Google is turning Android as one the best and securest operating systems, which could work for almost every app idea. And the complete architecture of a mobile app is scalable and secured, which means the security risks have reduced a lot.

Competent, Reliable and Best Technical Support

One of the key advantages of Android custom apps is- it comes with the matchless technical support. That’s why a lot of Android app developers are offering low cost and committed technical support for the mobile apps they deliver to their customers.

Compatible with the AR/VR, Beacon and Wearable Devices

The Android OS and the Android app development technologies are fully compatible with the new devices and platforms like wearable and beacons. Brands and Businesses across the world have now begun to completely rely on the emerging technologies like wearable and beacons for a lot of reasons. And that’s why Google has introduced a myriad of options to completely work with wearable technology.

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