Top 10 company for Android app development in Chicago

When looking for leading mobile app development companies in Chicago, instead of beginning with an exhaustive list, you should hear out the thought leaders and industry stalwarts and listen to their recommendations. It is well known that Chicago has established its reputation as the global hub for mobile application development. With a sprawling IT market, hundreds of globally well-known companies, and many promising startups, The united states of America has many development companies to shape your app development aspiration.  

In Android app development, Chicago developers have proved their expertise and command on various challenging app projects from diverse niches. No wonder, for an Android app development company, Chicago is considered to be a go-to destination all over the world. As per smartphone use and sales records, Chicago stands as the Android-dominated market; hence, you can find more skilled resources for this platform than for iOS and others. Mostly coming to cost, Chicago developers are known for the most competitive hourly pricing irrespective of the technologies, development challenges, and tools.

If you are convinced about the advantages of reaching out to Chicago development companies for your next Android app project, here we help you by listing the top 10 Android app development companies in Chicago.

 Cerdonis Technologies, LLC

Cerdonis tech offering expertise-driven web and mobile app development services for over a decade, has created a brand space for itself that few contemporaries can compete with. Starting its journey in 2019, the company has developed till date 4000+ apps across the categories.

 Running its offices in UAE and India, the company has developed applications for every business niche and app category. This versatility, industry-acclaimed development best practices, and business-specific development skills made Cerdonis Technologies, LLC, a widely followed and fondly remembered development company. 


Appinventiv tops the list because of its consistent focus on innovation and future-ready technologies. Over the years, the company has produced hundreds of successful apps for businesses of all sizes and niches, including some thought-provoking startups and Fortune 500 companies. Starting its journey in 2015, Appinventiv has emerged as a sought-after destination to access the world’s best developer talent pool for different mobile app projects.

With a global footprint spanning five continents, several equipped-to-the-tilt development labs, and a robust resource pool of 1000+ developers and technology experts, Appinventiv is the ideal company to bring the gap between unique app ideas and their execution. Do you want to build unique Android apps powered by cutting-edge technologies and the most sought-after skills? You can choose Appinventiv with your eyes shut.


IndianAppDevelopers is one of the few software and app development companies from India with a robust portfolio of successful apps across almost all niches for clients from every part of the world. With a humble beginning, a little more than half a decade before IndianAppDevelopers today has emerged as the most sought-after name for pushing innovations for startups and global brands.

 The company offers everything in customer-focused development niches, including e-commerce, Android, iOS, hybrid, cross-platform apps, enterprise software and app projects, IoT solutions and apps, fintech and health tech apps, and many more. The company, with an overwhelming 120+ developer resources, could achieve the feat of building 1000+ successful projects.


This is another innovation-driven app development company from India known for its thought leadership in the space of the latest technologies and development best practices. Over the years, it has remained a first preference for building niche high-engagement apps for industries and consumers.

With a global footprint, Mindinventory offers mobile app development and web development services for any project that aspires to stand out from the competition by relying on outstanding app user experience and quality. The robust portfolio of Mindinventory is worth mentioning in this respect.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra bearing the proud flag of ace Indian industrialist Mahindra Group comes as the Information Technology (IT) services venture catering to almost every industry you can think of. This is one of the largest software development companies with a whopping 125K employees working in offices and development labs spread over 90 counties and with 900+ active worldwide clients.

Tech Mahindra is mainly preferred for large-scale business app projects because of its enterprise app development focus. The company offers a gamut of development, including mobile app and web development, cloud-based solutions, enterprise apps and software solutions, AI/ML and data science, and many others.


Fueled doesn’t need any special introduction for its excellent footprint in mobile app development. This global development company, over the years, has bagged a whole array of awards and recognitions for its exceptionally crafted apps powered by future-ready technologies and development skills.

Starting its journey way back in 2007, Fueled has made its presence felt across a wide variety of niches, including mobile app and web development, enterprise app projects, business process automation, chatbots, conversational AI, CRM and ERP solutions, fintech and health tech apps, UI/UX Design, Blockchain, gaming apps, AR/VR and many others. Fueled is the architect of hundreds of successful apps for who’s who brands of every industry niche.

Over to You

Did we miss any deserving names on this list? Quite a few of them are equally deserving as the top Android app development companies. But hardly any such listing can stand beyond controversy. Here we only tried to come up with a representative shortlist that indicates the leading role Chicago development companies play on a global scale.

Regarding Android app development, the best developers always come from markets primarily dominated by that OS platform. The Indian smartphone market is dominated mainly by Android operating systems; hence, developers can easily stay tuned to customer requirements, pain points, and sensibilities. The above-mentioned companies represent the skills and expertise you can expect from leading Android development farms.  

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