13 Essential Software Tools for Writer

Writing is a critical action as readers are intellectual audiences. People write everywhere. Some write stories, and some write codes. Some are doodling pictures on canvases, and some are filling up ledgers. Some write on the sand, while some write on birthday cakes.

It is our most done task in everyday life, but still, we get overwhelmed when told to write something inside an institution or for our institution.

In our time, writing has become competitive, and organic content has become compulsive. There are many software that can instantly derive the source of our writing, and even if a few words are matched, it is rejected- goodbye to likely minded people and similar thoughts.

We want to deliver genuine content and to compete with the technological imprint, we have to have some modern tools of our own.

13 Essential Software Tools for Write

Thirteen is a big number when you are searching for a solution. As with other software, these are a few popular tools with specific functions as you require. You can build a list of preferences. 



Time is a funny thing when writing. Sometimes you can fill an entire page within a few minutes while sometimes you have to stare at the insertion point for hours.

If you are working for someone else it is valuable to protect your understanding with the client. You need a feature that would advocate for your work time.

That’s when timeTracko comes in. It is really helpful in creating reports regarding idle and ideal work time. It helps to create details about the work process and analyze and solve unproductive time.

Personally, it will be helpful to you, as a writer, to understand your efficiency. It will show you many loopholes in your process and also the progress. 



Grammarly is the ultimate solution for complete formal documentation. It has all the features required for correction, both grammatically and in delivery.

You can check for plagiarism if the content is copied from other sources. You can check active and passive voices, which is important according to your audience.

Writing is a difficult process when you have to follow conventions. You need to express yourself with the proper standard rules. Grammarly is dedicated software for your reputation and development as a writer.

Sometimes, when we make automatic improvements, which is an available feature of Grammarly, you may lose your sense of storytelling. If the advice can be ignored, you have to be conscious of it. Other than that, there are no complaints about Grammarly functions. It is the best.

Google Docs

Google docs

Everyone is connected to Google, most of the Internet users. Google Docs is a part of the G-Suite. It provides you with all the features of writing software. Plus, you can instantly share your work with your team members.

It has proven to be effective in the remote working system. Your work location does not jeopardize your productivity, and creativity is amplified. 

It is similar to Microsoft Word and easy to use. You don’t need any extra training for using it, and the user experience is pleasant.

The internet can be a problem if you don’t have an internet connection. But if once started, it has the facility to write offline and get synced to the online storage as soon as the connection is established.

You just need a browser to operate Google Docs.



Bit.ai is the collaboration king. You will have redefined your document presentation when working with Bit.ai.

You can work on your individual tasks, in a team, or with the organization’s work, for it has a fluid workspace. You can move any document from one place to another.

It is a modern, beautiful and powerful communication with your team members and clients related to your documents. To make your presentation more intriguing, you can embed web links, video, audio, and social media posts.

Bit.ai can be integrated with other popular software. The workspace can be scaled with wide communication channels. 

It is the new age document editor.



The Hemingway app is a text editor and easily helps you correct your documents. It has a single-page user interface, and every feature is a click away.

It has different highlighting colors over your text to notify the complexity of the sentence. Red tells if the sentence is wrong, yellow for common errors, purple for lengthy words, green for passive voice, and blue for simple suggestions. 

It also shows readability and word length. That way, you can organize your document volume and contents. 

It is simple to use the Hemingway app with simple features but very useful in day-to-day work.



Marketing is an important duty of online content. Every text and headline can lure the audience to a product. If the content is not organized as per technical guidelines and emotional values, everyone ignores it.

Coschedule helps optimize your content online if you are writing for any specific sales task.

It has resources to prepare better headlines for increasing traffic. You can find the highest scoring words in SEO analytics instantly.

There are other marketing tutorials and scheduling features that let you be organized and managed professionally. You will be able to analyze your content quality in competition and routine your practices in a scientific way.

It will help boost business writing.



SEO has become a mandatory aspect of your text that is being published online. SEO techniques will make your text and content amplified for organic searches on the internet. You have to get used to it if you want to progress as a content writer.

Yoast provides all the information about the SEO practices that are happening in real-time. To perform better, you need to know about keywords, link building, content sharing, and other SEO workouts. Yoast will assist you in all such tasks.

It works well mostly with WordPress sites. The SEO knowledge is applicable to other platform-built sites, but it has some specific preferences for WordPress-related work, maybe because of WordPress’s popularity.

In aggregate, you will find a lot of information about SEO tactics that can help you write better content for your documents.  



The most dangerous writing platform on the Internet, Squibler, has an intriguing self-description. 

Along with the dangerous prompt where your work will be lost if you stop writing for a few seconds, there are tools for book, novel, screenwriting, and journal writing. 

The platform has various features and supervisions to help you write of your choice. You will build knowledge about the conventions in different writing genres and excel in your work as well.

There are many resources to learn from. They are more like guides for you to become a better writer. You just have to be able to soak in the information and learn through practice.

Daily Page

daily  page

The daily page will help you make a routine to write. There are many options. You can arrange a reminder email every day, have a prompt while writing, and track your writing progress.

There are many tutorials available for screenwriting, blogging, critical writing, and storytelling. The membership price is $4 per month, but the benefits are priceless. 

You should definitely give it a try.



It blocks apps and websites for Mac, Windows, and other devices. Creative work, like writing, needs a lot of brainstorming hours without disturbances. You cannot create quality work without being focused on your work.

Freedom controls distractions and gives you the freedom to be productive in your work.

You can schedule to block websites and application notifications. Customize your blocker so that you can be more efficient. You can create a list of the websites you want to block. 

Freedom is effective on all sorts of devices. You just have to select the list of devices, and you are good to go.

Cliche Finder

cliche finder

Unwanted and repeated phrases mars the original thought in a script. Your writing loses its value if there is overuse of the same contents.

Cliche finder finds all the overused phrases and words and notifies you about the repetition. You just have to paste your content into the website and click the “Find cliche” button to check.

It is a simple application run online but gives quality to your documents. You will learn from your inadequacies and improve a lot.

Give it a try.



Otranscribe helps to change the recorded interviews to a document format. The output is stored in your local storage.

It is mostly useful to journalists or writers, who have a tendency to work with audio and video files. It saves time and is faster than the work done manually.

Controls are easy, and everything can be handled with a keyboard. You can export the output to Google Docs, Markdown, or plain text.

It saves time and increases efficiency in the workflow.



It is an online portal. You can prepare your documents easily as the user interface is plain and simple. The work process is easy to learn.

You can prepare standard guides, manuals, FAQs, tutorials, API Docs, and many more. And, exporting to other formats like MS-Word, HTML, CHM, etc. is also super fast.

For professional work, it helps with better collaboration between team members and even teams at other institutions. Permission management between team members and clients is customizable and remotely accessible.

It is most appropriate for professional technical documentation.



Vellum is a paid application to prepare Ebooks from your manuscript for every platform. It has features for custom designs and the appearance of the pages.

You can build your project by importing the documents from your local device. Then you can style with many design templates until you are satisfied. After previews in every device’s screen sizes, you can generate your book, ready to publish. Necessary updates and error fixing can be made in the future.

It is mostly useful to authors of novels, series, and related writing specifics.


Writing must be simple. A pencil and a piece of paper are the only required things. There must be less sophistication and more ingenuity.

But as the internet has opened for every creative mind, competition and complexity have grown. It can only be balanced with additional genuine applications.

As long as there is a document, there will be writing.

(P.S. the view space of the browser is called a document, for a reason.)

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