Merge video clips into one video file using CMD, without any software

Today you are going to learn how to join different video files like as MPEG, DAT, MPG, mp4, AVI, etc. and convert it one single video file without any software. Yes, you heard it right without any software. You just need your video files & windows Command Prompt. Follow the steps below.

Merge video clips into one video file using CMD

Step 1: Rename your Video file

Suppose you have 3 videos in your hard drive root drive: video1.mpg, video2.mpg, and video3.mpg just rename them to a, b, and c. I mean without extension just the letter. If you don’t see extension go to folder option and check the block of the show file extension.
So your video will look like:
video1.mpg ->a (without .mpg)
video2.mpg ->b (without .mpg)
video3.mpg ->c (without .mpg)

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Step 2: In CMD

Now open Command Prompt ( Winkey + R) or Start–>Run–>type “cmd” and ENTER KEY or OK.

Then type your location like “C: , D: , E: etc.”. Go to the location where the files are stored, you can get location from the address bar in the explorer like shown below. For simplification store them in single folder.

Merge video clips into one video file using CMD
File location Screenshot

For example my video is on location “H:videoHollywood movies” then I will open CMD then type “h:” without quotes and then type “cd H:videoHollywood movies” without quotes. Here cd is a command to get into any directory.

Step 3: Final step

Type this code: Copy /b a + b + c videoname.mpg and press enter


copy /b “C:File.mp4” + “C:File1.mp4” CombinedFile.mp4

Command Prompt

You can give any name to file with an extension. Now, wait till you see: 1 file <s> copied, then type exit and press enter.

That’s it. You are done!

Open the new video file and enjoy. So If you want to join two or more files then those files must have the same extension and if you change directory C:> to D:> then, you just type the drive name like  “D” and colon like D: then press enter.
Please note that Your video files will not be deleted. Please make a backup of your files if needed.

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