6 Ways VoIP Enhances The Effectiveness Of A Remote Workforce

The businessmen at the beginning of the new millennium would surely be envious of you right now. Thanks to providers in the telecom sphere like Freeje, you can now enjoy creating the best and most talented team regardless of their location.

They could only imagine that among other things, you can enjoy the reduced cost due to minimal investments in physical infrastructure. The internet made that possible. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its share of drawbacks.

As social beings, we’ve become accustomed to seeing people face-to-face. So for some, having a remote workforce first the time would seem like uncharted waters even if many companies have done it before already.

Thankfully, VoIP also offers solutions to make the transition easier so you get the most out of your remote team. Here are 6 ways it can help improve their effectiveness:

1. It improves employee morale.

Especially during the pandemic, workers would always prefer to stay at home. This type of set-up (or even one where they only report to the office when needed) lets them spend more time with their families and avoid the hassles of commuting.

Since they support the decision to work remotely, they’d be happy. And happy employees mean productive employees. 

This display of your care about their well-being and their desires would make them loyal to you, helping you achieve your goals for the company.

2. It helps maintain transparency.

One of the reasons some business owners are hesitant to switch to remote work is they’re not sure if people would actually be doing their job. With workers in their own homes instead of in an office, it’s hard to see what they are actually doing with their time.

But with VoIP, that won’t be an issue. You can just look at the call statistics to know how they are performing. You would see how long they spend on a call, who they’re calling, and whether all calls are being answered.

You can even listen to the recordings to help you narrow down on potential issues if there are any. 

3. It lets you control everything on your own.

If you go with a reliable provider, they’d normally have a user-friendly interface. So even if you don’t consider yourself techy, you could control the entire system without the help of an IT expert.

So not only would you be able to save a lot of money, but you’d also be able to become more hands-on with them.

For example, you can jump in on calls, coach your employee even while they’re talking to a customer, and even be a silent watcher to evaluate their performance.

You’d be able to micromanage without them ever knowing. This would allow you to create an objective evaluation.

Even on a face-to-face setup, having this much control is downright impossible. You’d be running around the office to do all these.

But with VoIP, anything you need is just a few clicks of a button away. Freeje Optimum even lets you run a small call center right on your phone!

4. It helps foster teamwork

Technically, you could get by with people just sending emails from time to time. But what kind of growth could you expect if there’s little to no collaboration among the employees?

Here, VoIP’s video conferencing feature is the solution. This would allow everyone to hold meetings without going to the office. It’s also more time-efficient since they don’t have to leave the house, giving them more time to focus on work.

Creating a sense of unity is very important for success. It helps them work more effectively and ensures that the best ideas are discussed and agreed upon.

5. It automates communication

With a remote setup, there should be more effort in keeping in touch with the workforce.

But you don’t have to send a memo every time you want to have a meeting. If you’re having them regularly, VoIP can automate RSVP reminders for everyone.

This way, you know whether they’d be able to make it or not. Plus, VoIP can also convert voicemails to emails so your team can focus on more important activities.

6. It lets them work on the go

For some industries, it’s almost impossible that an employee would just be by their desk all day. 

Real estate agents, for example, are constantly meeting with clients. But that doesn’t mean they should be in the loop about what’s happening.

Because VoIP providers normally have an app, workers who have to be somewhere else can still be virtually connected to the office no matter where they are.

This allows them to best respond to the situation because they’re acting on complete information. If the competition is trying to snatch a listing, they’d know to prioritize that client.

If managed right, having a remote workforce can bring a lot of value to the company. VoIP is your friend to this goal, helping you maximize their effectiveness even from the comforts of your home.

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