How to Create a Logo for Your Business: 3 Different Methods to Consider

A logo is needed for your business as it could do a lot more advertising than other ads for your brand. With a good logo, consumers instantly recognise your brand among many others. If you operate a small or large business, logo creation still remains important. A good logo design gets your prospective consumers fixed on your product and can easily guarantee a sale.

Your logo is a marketing strategy on its own, as the main aim for its creation is customer retention and an increased advertising of your products/services on and off the web. Much attention is needed to ensure the design of your logo represents your brand and helps you bring in more profits.

For your logos to stand out, you have to employ an eye-catching design technique. For the uninitiated in the world of graphic designs, all designs are made with software applications with the same technique. But graphic designers view designs very differently. There are a lot of design methods that can be used in logo creation, and each method has its peculiar features.

When a good method is used in the creation of your business logo, it’s surely going to have a stand-out design.  If the logo of the business stands out, it is highly likely your marketing effort will receive a good boost.

What You Need To Look At Before Selecting a Logo Creation Method

The method used in logo creation is determined by a number of factors, so it is ideal we take a look at what determines these methods. This will help you identify the most ideal technique for creating a logo:

The Ideal Logo for Your Business


A fantastic logo for Business A could be a horrible logo for Business B. This is the reason why the logo your business needs should be considered before selecting a creation method. 

Your company name plays a significant role in the selection of a logo. If you have a long brand name, logos such as the ones used by Home Box Office (HBO) should be ideal. Shorter logos can also be spelt out in good logo design. A great example of this can also be seen in the Christensen Recycling logo design on their site. It’s clean, easy to understand and very straightforward.

Getting a good logo makes your business name easy to remember, and can easily generate sales for your business.

Symbols can also make good logos. For instance, the large M of MacDonald’s, the phone sign of WhatsApp, or the bitten apple of Apple is recognizable anywhere. So consider if your business needs an abstract symbol as the identity of your brand

Colour defines a lot about how the logo of a business should be designed. The colour used in the logo design could determine if your target consumers easily identify with your business. However, it could be difficult for consumers to favour your products/services over another with a design colour they don’t fancy. 

For instance, it may be inappropriate for an outdoor gadget online store to create a logo in pink, or a girls’ toys maker to have an all-black logo. This also stands true for the design method. For a logo to have its desired effect, its design method has to blend with the color chosen for the design. 

When coming up with the best colors and usage in your logo design, try to pick ones that match your existing brand or services. You can see another good example of this with Dennis Service Center, an auto repair shop that has a nice rugged look and feel to their site, but also one that is well represented with their logo design.

The Message the Logo Intends to Deliver

When you take a look at Amazon’s logo, it is loaded with messages the company intends to deliver to its users. Also, the message your brand intends to pass across could decide the type of design method of the logo. When you incorporate messages into your logo’s design, marketing your brand becomes very easy. 

The Font to Be Used in the Logo Design

The font may seem irrelevant to some, but it remains one of the main determinants for selecting a logo design method. If your logo doesn’t require any text addition, then this doesn’t apply to your logo creation method. The font size and type could influence the design, and also when the logo is made to have only texts, a different design method may be needed.

The font used in the logo design also sets a tone for how your brand is viewed. Coca Cola makes use of a word mark, script font which suggests an informal design approach. Other companies such as IBM, Samsung and Sony make use of more streamlined fonts to promote a classy, elegant logo design.

How much cash is required to get a logo can influence the method used in creating your business logo. Logos have different costs based on the complexity of the designs. With the cost considered, the design method could change.

If you are running low on cash and just want a simple and nice-looking logo, you can always use a solution like Canva to create one quick and easy. This is exactly what Merphal did in their site design, and we think it looks pretty good!

When you’re intent to create a one-off logo design, the creation method could easily be affected. Some brand logos that require periodical changes to maintain relevance, while other logos may do without a change for the better part of a decade. What you need determines the method used in creating the logo.

The Business and Its Target Customers

To create an effective business logo, the products or services the brand offers should be visible in the logo. An effective logo design should also target potential consumers and increase business popularity. With all these in mind when creating a logo, the creation method is heavily influenced.

For an even more creative and fun design, look no further than Funny Reign and see how they had a custom character created and also have a unique font design as well. Of all the designs and logos listed, this is definitely one of the most creative and probably expensive designs to create.

Line Art Method:

The line art method is one of the most daring, but simple methods used in logo creation. This design method was made popular by brands such as IBM and AT and T. It involves making use of bent or straight lines through the base of the logo’s design. 

Gradient Mesh Method:

The gradient mesh method is relatively new in the graphic design space, but the concept has risen fast due to its appeal. A gradient mesh technique makes use of layered lines that are used to create a 3D effect. 

This technique is very useful for a brand that needs a logo with multiple colours. The technique gives an overlaying effect on the logo’s overall colour scheme. This design technique provides a new aspect to logo design and allows for the easy incorporation of texts within the logo.

Overlap Design Method:

Logos made with an overlap design involve placing elements of the brand’s name or symbol on each other. It can be used to create 2D or 3D effects depending on what the brand intends to achieve. With an overlap design, there is an instant eye-catching interlocking design. This design can be used to great effect and has an instant effect in drawing customers’ attention.

Everything You Need to Create a Great Logo Design

With a good logo, your business will receive all the customer attention you desire. With so many different design solutions and tools available, there is really no reason to not have a great looking logo design for your brand. At the same time, also pay attention to the competition and follow their never-ending struggles to remain in the market, your business will continue thriving.

Finally, to get the best out of a logo creation effort, ensure you desist from copying too hard. A lookalike logo with a more popular brand may limit the chances of your brand having any lingering effect. Originality is vital, no matter the design method you use in creating your business logo.

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