Why Go for Ugly Website if You can Create a Fascinating one?

Good design is regarded as a source of good business

Let us talk about your favourite website. Facebook tells you about the interests of your friends and also provides timely updates so you can keep in touch with your friends easily.

Or let’s say Amazon is your best marketplace for providing effortless shopping experience.

Are you impressed with the simplicity of how Google answers you almost everything?

We cannot deny that all these websites make us feel more special and cared for. Or maybe the website experience is quite seamless that your work is done in no time.

And guess what? All the caring and seamless experiences that a company is providing you are intentional.

Companies spend a lot of resources to grab the attention of the target audience. They convince you to stay and provide “feel good” vibes until you are there.

What captures your attention? Design.

One cannot underestimate the visual influence of the well-designed website. As we know the sites like Instagram and Snapchat hold emotionally strong influence in the mind of the audience rather than simple texts.

A picture can deserve a thousand fabulous words, but the emotional worth of the imagery is invaluable.

The good news is that you can always create a better website by using quality codes and by making an appealing website without breaking the bank.

Even though currently more emphasis is given to the website where the backend is strong. However, it would always be better if the design and pictures are fascinating to grab the attention of the target audience.

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Good Design and Its Importance

5 important elements of good website
(Source: innovins.com)

As there are various opinions as well as preferences when it comes to the designing of the website, there are some unique objective and functional guidelines which one can follow.

How good web design factor impacts your website? 

The aesthetic quality of a product is essential as the product of the website can have a great impact on the day-to-day life of the people.

The objects which are well-executed and simple can be said to be a beautiful one.

The good design is not only visually attractive, but it can also be beneficial to the users.

Don’t have skills pertaining to designing or confused due to various designing options? Worry not! You can still create an eye-catching and sleek design for your website.

Simple and Up to the Mark Design

Obviously it is not easy to know human instincts as a human mind can have more differing opinions. 

Therefore, it is a smart idea to keep the design simple right from the beginning.

Content must also be crisp. People are shifting more towards the pattern of content which we consume in feeds and streams.

You can lead it with quick summaries, specific bullet points and important highlights to make it more readable to your target audience.

Yes, the long and in-depth content is not out of fashion, but you can give an optional link to the audience to know more.

Simplicity also includes traits of what not to involve in the write-up. Most of the content marketers lay stress on the less-is-more approach.

Moreover, avoid loading the website with lots of images, words, colours, buttons, and sidebars.

You can keep the most relevant images that go well with the message of your website.

It is advisable to use one or two colours in a website pattern to give a specific pattern to the website. Also, more than two fonts break the parity of the design.

Always remember that you are not only selling your services, but you are also selling yourself with the brand. Try to convey the message rather than putting lots of elements, resulting in confusion.

Human emotions will always play a vital role when you are dealing with humans. 

Simple design, a strong message, and effective tools will make the user journey more satisfying.

Mobile-friendliness is Priority

Ugly Website  - Mobile-friendliness is Priority
(Source: redcanoemedia.com)

Make this one thing clear that your website would clearly need mobile optimisation. 

While forming a design, you must ask yourself this question of how this idea would look on the small screen?

Browsing through a mobile phone is currently a major part of any website as 52% of the people are using mobile devices for searching anything on the web and this percentage is not going down any day.

Fortunately, there are several platforms that have in-built mobile editors that help in viewing the site in both mobile and desktop version.

On top of that, it is important for web designers to keep the mobile design more friendly to keep the customers happy and easily responsive to the business.

Never Ignore the “Little-things”

A website is like a shop window where the customers end-up coming again and again if the website has something new to offer every time.

Do you think your customers are not bothered about correct font size or high-quality images? Yes, of course, they will get bothered! The small details in your website convert in reflecting a full-fledged message.

The little things also have the tendency to drive the audience towards the brand. 

For instance, you will always like a mall where they have clear signage, the ambience is welcoming, and the cost of the products are written in bold letters. 

Customers will not remain on your website for a long time, but the time spent must be a pleasant and satisfying one.

Big ideas are successful only because of small efforts. From rotten tomatoes in a mall to 50% off in your favourite chocolate item, every detail matters!

Research before Making the Final Design

Like you do shopping for clothes, it is vital to surf to other websites in your domain and understand what styles work in the website designing and which don’t. 

You must never copy the design of others, but you can take some of the good points that can work well for the success of your website.

It is important to spend a little time exploring the frequent website and know about its usual strategy.

  • Whether they have multiple images or a single image;
  • Know about the colour palette – Neutral, white, or black;
  • Is the navigation subtle or slightly bold?

You can make a list of all these virtues and employ it while designing the website.

Sometimes the designing elements that are successful in another website might not be appealing or necessary to your website.

Always keep one thing in mind that your website is for the target audience, so make changes by considering the customers.

List down the changes of what are things missing in your site which is available on another famous website.

Which colour scheme best represents your brand? Some darker and exotic colours or some safe and soothing ones. Same can be done with the shapes and fonts.

Large-scale companies spend millions of dollars in getting that perfect design which can be “Impactful”.

While choosing the aesthetic of your design, you would need to think beyond your likes and dislikes and concentrate on its benefits to the users. 

Are you Ready to Create Your Dream Project?

If your company is not running on a strict budget, the best advice is not to do the designing part or SEO on your own.

A small business or startup companies must hire a designer for the development of the website.

The internet is packed with a competitive and crowded marketplace.

Customers will never revisit your website if the website is not professional or does not aim at the choices and preferences of your customers.

The visual impact of the website is essential, but other than that, it must affect your customer.

We know cluttered homepage, unsophisticated fonts or unusual elements in the website is not known by Google’s spiders, but it is surely recognised by the people.

If you have the resources to create a competent website, it is always better to not to develop an ugly website.

For enhancing the technical part of your website, you can also consider the SEO company of Sydney for making the most successful infrastructure of the business.

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