How These Popular Naming Mistakes Can Wreck Your Beauty Company

Any beauty brand with a compelling name is already halfway to winning the branding wars. At least your brand wouldn’t need to worry about the negative publicity that comes from having a cringe name like Troglodyte Homonculus, Human Made, and Dirty Kids. 

You could say branding errors among beauty brands are nothing new; after all, it is human nature to make mistakes. But don’t you agree that some common mistakes like finding a great brand or product name could be easily prevented?  

Take a look at successful brands like Gucci and Fenty, and it becomes pretty clear that these brands are excellent at sticking in our minds. 

And if you want to establish a solid beauty firm that’ll last the test of time, you need to put extra effort into giving it an appealing name that instantly connects with your audience.

How an Unappealing Brand Name Can Affect Your Brand

Branding has little to do about your beauty business and a lot to do about how your primary audience interprets your brand. Giving your business an awkward brand name can affect your company and bring up complications like:

  • Boycotts  
  • Broken Reputation
  • Hiring talent can become difficult

When looking for suitable beauty business name ideas, you must do everything to avoid making the following errors.

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Brand

creating brand

1. Names with Adverse Meanings

Buyers have strong views regarding sensitive topics. And if your business chooses to face such issues head-on—even if not by using your brand’s name—you’ll destroy your customer base since people who aren’t in support of a particular cause will be less willing to buy from your beauty brand.

Adopting names like Lime Crime’s ‘China Doll’ or Colourpop’s ‘Typo’ and ‘Yikes,’ two distasteful words Colorpop chose for their darkest shade of cosmetics, will only lead to an unfavorable reaction since names like these are both offensive and ridiculous.

2. Business Names That Are Tough to Pronounce

If you expect your business name to create a good impression on your clients, you must choose a name that is easy to remember.

Even now, most customers all across the world struggle to pronounce the names of some prominent companies.  Names like Fjallraven pronounced ‘Fee-yal-rah-vin,’ and Givenchy, pronounced ‘Zhee-von-she,’ are excellent brands with names that have traditionally been difficult for buyers to grasp.

Take it from us; sophisticated names struggle to generate a welcoming atmosphere for customers the same way simple and catchy names do. Your goal when naming your firm should be to develop a name that customers can immediately relate to.

3. Weird Foreign Interpretations 

People from all across the globe will engage with your products either through commercials or by chance. And if the name of your beauty brand means anything inappropriate in their local dialect, these people will reject your product and go for a well-branded alternative.

So, as you search for a powerful brand name, ensure you conduct intense research to confirm that your preferred brand name is not irritating to purchasers in other countries. 

Don’t get carried away by emotions and select a name you love instead of what your customers want because that is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Prepare a simple customer survey and have them rate your brand name. This allows you to swiftly select a name that resonates with clients without experiencing the consequences of selecting an embarrassing or unpleasant brand name because you believe it is good enough.

4. Always Prioritize Your Customers

Bad brand names are frequently the result of business owners refusing to prioritize the needs of their firm and customers. These businesses wind up with names that don’t adequately represent their brand, irritate customers, and are unfit for the market. So make sure to get a unique brand name for your beauty firm that customers can connect with.  

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients such as Nestle, Dell, Nuskin, and AutoNation. 

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