Common PC Problems and How to Solve Them

Having trouble with your PC and don’t know how to fix the problem? Don’t worry because I am here to help.  In this guide, I will discuss the common PC problems along with their solutions.

By learning how to do it yourself, you will save money and time of going to a technician. 

My computer won’t start

This is an awful way to start your day. You sit down at your PC, press the power button but nothing happens.  No lights are blinking and fans are not running.

When a PC has difficulty starting up, it could be due to the malfunctioning of some hardware. Most times, it is caused by power supply failure.

If your computer won’t start, don’t panic. Also, no need to run to the repair shop because you can fix this problem yourself with these simple steps;

  • Check if your PC is firmly plugged into the socket. If the power cable is loose, your computer will not power up.
  • You can unplug the power cable, wait for a few minutes then plug it back in. Using a tester, check if power is flowing
  • If you are using a laptop, check its battery. A faulty battery will cause boot problems.

My computer turns on but has no signal  

This is weird but yes, it happens. It might be an indication that there is a software or hardware problem, but before you dive into a more technical process, consider doing these basic steps to solve your problem.

Check first if you have actually turned on the monitor as a lot forget that.

Use another monitor and check if it’s actually not the monitor that is the problem.

Check the cables of both the monitor and the PC. Who knows if there are unplugged cables.

You can turn off the monitor manually and unplug it from its power supply. Usually, it takes about 30 seconds before you plug it back.

If that still does not work, see if there are lots of external devices connected, if there are, disconnect them. Your computer might be confused because of those unnecessary devices. Let it have its attention on the monitor.

 My screen has frozen

This is another common PC problem where it becomes unresponsive. When this happens, you will not be able to use your computer.  

 This problem is worse than a slow PC because it could be caused by viruses, hardware malfunctioning, insufficient system memory, corrupted files, or registry errors. Here is what to do if your computer has frozen;

  • Try rebooting your computer. It tends to fix some minor problems that were causing your screen to freeze.
  • In the event that you are still experiencing this problem, check if you have sufficient memory and try to upgrade it
  • If your computer has malware, run an antivirus to remove it

PC is very slow

This is one of those frustrating PC problems. If a program is taking 5 minutes to open, this will make your blood boil. Tired of dealing with a slow PC? Use the process of elimination to fix this problem.

Start with things that could cause this problem and start testing them out one by one. Here is how to solve this problem;

  • Remove any unnecessary programs.  Your PC is probably slow due to a corrupt registry and other programs that you are not using. Also, remove junk files that could be wasting your computer memory.
  • Download antivirus to remove malware. This problem can be caused by a virus or spyware that you downloaded without your knowledge
  • Remove pop-up ads. These slow down a machine and when clicked, cause more problems

PC Overheating

Hot computers are slow and dangerous. The heating PC can permanently damage its components due to exposure to the heat.  This leads to data loss.

Sure signs to know your computer is overheating are;

  • The fan is spinning at full speed emitting unusual sounds
  • Your computer constantly shuts down
  • Your PC keeps hanging or having a blue screenToo much heat has built up and your computer can burn your thighs if you place it there

Take action immediately to save up your machine by doing the following;

  • Check if the fan is working properly. If it is broken and full of dust, it will not work properly.  Blow out the dust and clean out the fan; If it’s faulty, replace it.
  • Check if something is blocking the airflow.  If the heat sink and air vents are blocked, heat will surely accumulate.  Remove anything blocking the airway.

Blue Screen of Death

There is nothing scarier than to be greeted by the blue screen of death problem error. This is generally caused by hardware malfunctioning or a bad driver.  When this happens, there will be data loss from unsaved and unfinished tasks.

Here is how to solve this problem;

  • After you experience this problem, windows can restart and solve this problem without your input
  • Check what you did before you experienced the blue screen. Were you installing a new program, operating system, updating a driver, or doing a program update? If any of those is the case, uninstall the incompatible program.
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