Choosing the Right Shoes: The Key to a Better Health

Just like Cinderella’s perfect shoe complimented her dress and completed her fairytale, your shoes do the same for your daily outfits. Staying barefoot with a whole fashionista look? Eh, sounds like a major turn-off in the fashion department.

However, there is more to shoes than what we know! Footwear not only reserves its statement to fashion but also protects and comforts your feet. Primarily, shoes were not much about fashion but more about purpose and functionality. With the evolution of the fashion industry, the footwear industry revolutionized simultaneously.  Often, people tend to compromise on their feet’ health without even realizing it. The question is, how do you keep yourself up with fashion and excellent health at the same time? The answer lies in knowing what and how to choose!

Shoes play a vital role in the betterment of your physical health. Let’s explore how that is and how to choose the perfect shoe for you! 

The Correlation Between Shoes & Health

Our body experiences a direct impact on our actions and behavior. Eat junk, and you can develop diseases. Stay in the sun for long, and your skin will get tanned. 

You see, the human body is under constant evolvement and development.  And it is our actions that shape our future. 

When talking about shoes, the type, and quality of them directly affect our health. We wear them for a prominent part of our lives, from workplaces to indoors.  There is no place you won’t go without shoes. 

And, well, as we wear it on our feet, the most affected area is our lower body.  Feet, legs, and the joints in the region get to experience every positive as well as a negative consequence. 

For example, wearing tight shoes for a long time can cause fatigue. In certain cases, you may get bruises and scratches too. 

Similarly, have you ever fantasized about why you cannot walk longer in loose shoes? We get tired within 10 to 15-minutes. It is because wearing loose shoes can prove to be inefficiently supportive.  

So, your legs have to bear more load and pressure. As a result, you feel exhausted earlier. 

Another example that clearly shows the correlation between shoes and health is high heels. Studies recommend women wear high heels (below 3-inches) for a maximum of 3-hours only.  And, heels higher than 3-inches are not recommendable for more than an hour. 

But why? Well, this particular type of shoe elevates the heel from the rest of the foot.  It is an unnatural position that stresses the muscles and bones.  Also, the elevated heel experiences increased pressure. 

People who frequently wear high heels are at a greater risk of developing muscle issues and strains.  It can also give rise to poor posture, back pains, and walking difficulties.

Why You Need The Right Shoe?

Choosing the right shoe can serve various benefits. The midsole of the footwear is the part that cushions the feet. Although it does not decrease the amount of force exerted on the body, it does decrease the application time. Hence, giving time to the body to adapt. You can also check out this article for more information: 

Moreover, it also supports the alignment of your feet and fits well. Thus, you do not feel much pressure or get your feet injured. Check out ryderwear shoes made for Weight lifters.

When picking the perfect shoe for yourself, you must take care of a few details. If you happen to be a person with athletic interests, buy and wear shoes designed for that specific sport (tennis, football, hockey, soccer, running, etc.). The design of shoes made for each sport varies in size, design, material, and weight. For that, you can conveniently go to specialty stores to shop for your athletic shoes, where the trained staff can help you out. 

Here are a few more tips:

  • Shop for shoes after exercise or when you are through with your day. These are the times when your feet are at their maximum size. 
  • When trying the shoes, wear the same socks that you will wear when playing.
  • Ensure that you measure your feet every time you buy new shoes.
  • The shoes should grip your heel.
  • The ball of your feet should not feel squashed. If it does, you need a wider shoe, and half a size bigger shoe may suffice.
  • Wiggle your toes when trying the shoes on. It lets you know if there’s room to move your foot inside the shoe when running or walking. 
  • Check the material on the inside of the shoe. See if there are any seams, tags, or other elements that may irritate your feet. 
  • Look out for non-durable soles! Try walking on carpets and hardwood floors. Ensure that the sole is sturdy and provides a firm grip.

Most importantly, prioritize your comfort! Remember how the Prince found Cinderella through the shoe? Keep the chemistry, but make it about yourself. Meaning, when you find style in a shoe that gives you all the things mentioned above, you’ve found the perfect shoe. For us, these shoes were in the Drew Shoes collection!

Final Thoughts 

Shoes are so tiny and insignificant part of our lives. Or, would it be better to state that we treat like one? In reality, footwear plays a prominent part and determines our future health. 

Continue wearing the wrong shoes, and you will be experiencing health issues by mid-forties or even early-thirties. But, choose the right shoes today, and you will be racing on the tracks till the time your hair’s complete hair!

As responsible beings, we must care for and maintain our health.  Without it, living and surviving is impossible. Start a healthy lifestyle today by choosing the right shoes!

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