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How To Wear Sneakers With Socks This Fall

How To Wear Sneakers With Socks This Fall

Fall is a season that begs for comfortable footwear to complement your flannels, plaids and pumpkin-spice everything. So when it comes to making the right casual choices this autumn, don’t just think about Puma shoes and other cool sneakers. Up your style game by donning the perfect socks to show off your fashionable kicks. Here are the hot trends in the fall sock market.

Invisible Socks

Although they don’t have a super power that makes them actually invisible, no-show socks do have the ability to cushion your feet while giving the illusion that you are going sockless. It can be unhealthy for your feet if you wear no socks at all, but appearing to be sock-free is a popular look. That’s where invisible socks come in; they can protect you and still keep the focus on your super-stylish sneaks. Puma sneakers for men, especially those in a midcut, are an ideal seasonal match for no-show socks.

Mid-Calf Socks

Sometimes called crew-length, mid-calf socks work with any number of fall sneaker looks. If the weather is still warm and you’re sporting a pair of chino shorts with your kicks, mid-calf socks will hit in just the right spot. If it’s cooler and you’re opting for jeans or another style of full-length trouser, crew socks will sit far enough up on your leg so your skin isn’t peeking out when you sit. Finally, if you’re out for a run or playing a team sport, a mid-calf length can cushion your shins while keeping you stylish.

Ankle Socks

Socks that hit below your calf that are still visible are usually referred to as ankle socks. They’re an excellent choice this fall when you’re wearing athletic shoes for, you know, actual athletics. If you find that your crew socks have a tendency to scrunch down or that your no-show socks always slide into your shoes, this peekaboo length may be just right for you. They go with almost any type of Puma shoes and are particularly good for hikes and long walks, where having to reach down to constantly fiddle with your socks can throw off your pace.

Colorful Socks

There’s more to consider with sneaker and sock pairings than just the length. If your socks are showing, they might as well show off! Although it’s a classic look to match crisp white socks with equally sharp white kicks, don’t think you have to stick with this combination. Wearing vibrant, patterned socks with classic Adidas retro shoes like the Stan Smith will show the world that you aren’t afraid to stand out. Stripes, dots and checks in cheeky colors are must-have options, while graphic patterns reflect that you’re confident enough to show some lower-leg flair.

Pairing the right socks with your fall Puma shoes and sneakers shows that you’re committed to both comfort and style. Whether you draw eyes to your calves with a colorful crew-length sock or keep everyone focused on your kicks by wearing no-shows, there’s a perfect sock for every sneaker this autumn. Shop online to put together the best fall footwear looks.

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